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Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon

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In the spirit of Frozen and Moana, `Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon` is an epic adventure of a young heroine and her powerful Spirit Guides, Dillo an adorable and lovable armadillo, and Vaca an over-the-top, crazy-eyed tapir and his faithful horse, whom the girl call upon to help her fight against the evil forces of wickedness that seek to destroy the harmony of nature. Princess Kairi is determined to stop this vicious cycle of violence and oppression throughout the world by returning to her homeland to prevent the ever-dwindling rainforest from destruction. With the help of these magical creatures she must also learn to come to terms with her inherited destiny and learn to love both humans and animals. Combining elements of adventure, science fiction and emotional drama, the movie has proven to be an entertaining and intelligent family movie that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Animated film company DreamWorks is proud to bring to life the live action/animation classic, "Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon". The movie is created and produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and distributed by Universal Studios. The film will be featured as an additional show in the Universal Cable Networks weekend schedule. Following the success of both Frozen and Moana, the new animated film will surely become a huge hit among children and families.

Based on the impressive book series, "The Rain Forest", the movie will follow the life of thirteen year old orphan, Kairi, whose father, a prominent leader in the outlawed resistance against the forces of evil that are destroying the amazon, is killed in a mysterious explosion. While her mother and father struggle to adjust to life alone, Kairi secretly seeks out the strength within herself to face the battle against evil. But when her best friend is captured and taken away as a bargaining chip by the evil rulers of the Amazon, Kairi must use all of her strength to free her friend and return home before the Amazonian soldiers wipe out their home. The animated feature film is scheduled to open wide today, July 7th, at the Disney animated film festival known as the Academy Awards.

This multi-million dollar, blockbuster animated fantasy epic features the voice talents of Bill Murray, Edward Norton,OPS Portia, Kevin Pollack, Evangeline Lilly, and Jennifer Aniston. The story begins at the turn of the 20th century where an American family lives in a small mountain village that is controlled by the evil Aztec warriors of the Amazon. Forced to sleep with a baby doll because of her inability to consummate, Kairi grows up surrounded by poverty and honorless poverty as she suffers the poverty wages of an uneducated laborer, while her wealthy noble relatives support her family with donations and gold.

But Kairi's family is not alone as evil forces are massing outside the village and threatening to take over the entire Amazon. While her father and older brother attempt to rally support for their cause, Kairi must struggle to defeat the evil spirit while finding the strength within her to face the battle alone. The film shows Kairi's love for her father and her desire to follow in his footsteps as she faces the challenge of learning to become a warrior. Along with her new friend, she discovers that the power of magic lies within her and allows her to transform into the powerful Amazon. But with her help, the other characters, the warriors of the Amazon, learn the secret of magical essence and are able to defeat the evil Aztecs.

The movie has proven to be a box office hit around the world with millions of viewers. It is also known as the first animated feature ever screened in the United States. Several movies based on the life of Kairi, including Vacation, Let's Go Away and Prince of Egypt have been made. However, the most recent movie to take place in the Amazon is the animated feature A Dream Team from DreamWorks Animation. Directed by Luc Besson, A Dream Team is based on the book A Dream of You by Urugu Henillas and features voice work of Felipe Gera.

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