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A Quiet Place Part II

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A Quiet Place Part I was released in theaters last year in what seemed like an innocuous enough genre. A Quiet Place was based on the first of the series of paranormal romance novels written by the late Richard Carlson. A Quiet Place II is the second installment of this series and finds our protagonist, Kate Capshaw (Dawn French) - now a mother of three - left alone in a small New England cabin following the disappearance of her own parents. With the deadpan narration of Dr. Owens (Lori Singer), Kate slowly becomes the center of her own personal nightmare as she discovers the house she lives in is being occupied by a group of ghosts. Now, after being attacked and haunted herself by one of these spirits, Kate must find help from an unlikely source...

Like its predecessor, A Quiet Place Part II finds its protagonist thrust into a strange and dangerous situation where safety is in doubt. However, instead of a traditional ghost story setup, it turns out that Kate is the target of a psychological operation in order to test her ability to cope with her psychic abilities. This operation goes on to change not only her life but the lives of those around her as well, and as the premiere instigator behind the operation becomes more elusive, Kate must rely on a ragtag band of rag-tag friends to help her thwart this dangerous conspiracy.

It's easy to compare the first film with A Quiet Place Part I: the setting and general atmosphere are all present, but the scope of the story is considerably smaller, and the scope of the events within the movie is far more confined. The story here concerns a series of haunted hotels, all located throughout the state of New Hampshire, and their owner/operator, Mr. Hawdon (Kevin Dunn) appears to be the target of some unseen and dangerous revenge plot. Kate goes to Hawdon's hotel after reading an article in a local paper which details how several previous guests have ended up dead, including a pregnant woman whose son was later named after her. When Kate finally makes contact with Mr. Hawdon, she discovers he's been having his employees poisoned and that he intends to take over the motel chain due to his newly found wealth.

Once again, it's important to emphasize just how isolated Kate is, even before she meets Mr. Hawdon. She spends her days behind closed doors, avoiding most people and spending her nights alone in her room. It's because of her own emotional distance from the outside world that she never sees the Sand Path and never realizes its importance to both herself and those around her. However, once Kate meets Hawdon and learns that the mystery man and his group of supernatural helpers intend to help her deal with a series of haunted hotel properties, the strength of her resolve is renewed, and she vows to help the team combat the evil they seek.

While A Quiet Place isn't as suspenseful as the first film, it still contains excellent scares. Kate's story is one we've heard before, and the scenes involving her haunting a hotel are terrifying. I particularly like the look of white dust covering the ground in between motel rooms as the group sets out. The use of sound and music is appropriate and works well. However, the jump into the future where nothing remains ordinary nor does anything have a semblance of reality is a bit too convenient.

However, A Quiet Place II doesn't feel like a completely fresh start. There's still no real sense of mystery, and I'm not totally sure why. Some fans are satisfied with the first film, while others weren't enticed by Kate's tragic death. With a strong lead story and strong acting, The Shining (also starring Jack Nicholson) could have been a great sequel. Instead, A Quiet Place is a mediocre movie that doesn't really rise to the expectations it had before it was released.

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Duration: 97min

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