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22 vs. Earth

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If you are a fan of anime, you would have definitely heard of the movie called "The Ring". It was released in 2021 and was based on Japanese novel "Kaze no Takushi" (The Girl Who Stole the Moon). The movie has become a huge hit not only in Japan but around the world. So this is the best film that you can watch online if you do not know anything about it.

In the first short, 22 against the earth refuses to step into the earth, relying on her four friends to get her there. But as her schemes further complicate, 22 finally discovers the true meaning of life... But with the help of her friends, she is able to escape from the academy and confront Earth. But her selfishness soon leads her to fall in love with another man from the outside world.

In the second new short film, we follow the adventures of the new main character. This time around, the girl is known as Ritsu Tainaka, a transfer student from the Soul Society, a special class for young supernatural beings and demons who have passed the exams to join the league. After joining, she undergoes a sort of training in order to be ready for the soul exams and become a full-fledged Soulmaster. And what Ritsu does not know is that her very life is on the line in the sand for the next generation of young Soulmasters. Will the young soul she left behind prevent her from meeting her destiny?

In the third film, 22 vs. Earth, Ritsu's boyfriend suddenly passes away. As the news of his death spreads among the students in the school, Ritsu begins to feel guilt-ridden and depressed about leaving behind her "great beyond." One of her classmates, Sayaka, begins to understand Ritsu's feelings but is still suspicious about the events that happened in the past. But when Ritsu learns that her own "soul" has been transformed into an insect like creature called "The Scratching Turtle," the mystery and emotions of her past begin to unravel. Now, rather than risking her safety by staying in the school gates, Ritsu must take on the other side of the world to learn how to transform her soul into something greater...

Based on a true story, 22 vs. Earth are indeed a psychological suspense tale (which unfortunately did not receive the ratings it deserved) about how humans can use their emotions to manipulate the forces of the universe. It also tackles the idea of evil and how we can use the strength of our emotions to gain the upper hand over those who are powerful and malicious. In other words, it is a story about self-protection as much as it is spiritually attaining enlightenment. What makes 22 Vs. Earth a unique read is that author Michelle Brinkmann does not shirk away from using heavy-duty themes and events to bring about change in the lives of her characters. This is evident in the very beginning of the novel, when we meet a man named Paul...

Paul is an aspiring Soul Artist who wishes to make his career in the visual arts. However, he soon realizes that the only way for him to achieve success is by making a transfer to the prestigious Academy of St. John's. Though eager to start his new life at the Academy, Paul struggles with the fact that he will be forced to abandon his old life for the new spiritual pursuit of his soul. As he embarks on the adventure of learning the secrets of 22 Vs. Earth, he discovers that he possesses supernatural strength and abilities that will enable him to take control of his destiny.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 9min

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