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Xico's Journey

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Xico's Path is an online image recognition software that automatically identifies faces from a photograph and prints a high-resolution preview. It was designed for real-time use in online advertisements and aims to recognize objects, people, and places without the requirement for a human face. It serves as an assistant to the online photo editing tools and websites such as SmugMug and Flicker. The company acquired the technology from Cisco Technology Solutions (CTS).

Xico's Path can recognize and select items in a scene by recognizing a pattern of colors, landmarks or other objects. It also includes a library of over 9 million photos taken by customers of all walks of life. Customers are able to upload their photos to the software for the software to make captions or titles for each one.

The Xico's Path website offers free downloads of the software and service. However, users are strongly advised not to share the information they collect with the public. It is best used for business or promotional purposes only. This recognition software was created with the help of several years of research by experts. Hundreds of photographic images from the World Wide Web are processed by this software. Most of the images were taken by customers who own the rights to them and have given permission for them to be sold.

The software was developed by several IT students in Cupertino, USA. The initial idea behind it came from the graduation student Sunny Redd, who wanted to make a website for his friends to upload pictures. He knew that it would be difficult to get that information from websites like Flickr because they do not allow publishing images that have already been downloaded. By accident, he discovered the system at Flickr and registered it under the name "photovoice". From there, it went on to become one of the most popular online services today.

When Xico's Path was launched in the year 2021, it began by offering free photo-recognition services to a limited number of users. As its popularity increased, it offered recognition for text-based files. Then it introduced the service which is paid for with credits. A user earns credits when they submit a photo to the service. After that, credits are converted to real dollars, and the user can use those dollars for purchasing items offered in the site. Thus, they earn from both free and paid services.

Today, Xico's Path offers more than just recognition for photos. It offers information about real estate, maps, and restaurants, among others. It even provides a list of locations worldwide that are available for purchase. It also provides information on the best places to go fishing, visit the spa, or take a walk.

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Genres: Animation , Family

Duration: 85min

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