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Wild Mountain Thyme

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Writer John Patrick Shanley swaps New York Italian for Irish farmhands in his newest romance, Wild Mountain Thyme, which debuted last weekend. In the film, which garnered warm movie reviews from critics, protagonist James McDonough (Dornan) travels back in time to marry an already established, farming family in Ireland in the 1800s. But when a tragic accident causes a son to be born with a physical disability, the family is forced to flee their home. Fleeing to America, they crash in a farm near the Canadian border and end up in the deep south.

WHM - which was available exclusively in select theaters through the subscription option on iTunes and Google Play - earned a decidedly mixed response from movie critics. Some praised its visual style (which includes colorful, dream-like images); others were put off by the slow pace and repetitious plot points. The filmmakers also have not released a full review for this film, and it is unclear whether or not it will earn any Oscar buzz. In the meantime, here's a brief rundown of these other movies opening in theaters this weekend that can make great viewing choices if you happen to be interested in seeing more of the same.

Amedeo Hops: American nephew Anisse Habibi stars alongside British actress Julie Benz in the romantic thriller Amedeo Hops, which opens in select theaters next Tuesday. The film revolves around a successful but aging American uncle (Benz) who lives with his Chinese wife in Beijing. However, the couple comes across an unexpected visitor in their compound: a wild mountain goat Herder played by Habibi. The film has been receiving positive notices from its distributors, and many anticipate it to open against the Transformers: Age of Extinction in the lucrative worldwide franchise.

Mr. and Mrs. Whatsit (Movie Review) Based on the true story of two California families, Mr. and Mrs. Whatsit (nee-hirsus Rutterer and wife-to-be Victoria Glauberman) watch their affluent neighbors struggle to balance their lives between work and taking care of their aging parents. For the last several years, the family has lived in an elegant house on a tree-lined avenue in Manhattan City. As the tension between the parents mounts, they are forced to confront their personal and professional destinies. It is a beautiful period piece about family values and life in the twenty-first century, and an impressive cast includes Chris Sarandon, Meryl Streep, and Robert DeNiro. Although some people are concerned about the subject matter (namely the sexuality), those that love this socially conscious movie should know that studio executives are banking on the fact that audiences will appreciate the message of caring and family responsibility.

Theaters all around the world are seeing Wild Mountain Thyme's wide range of talented supporting actors and actresses. A fast paced and emotionally engaging film that's guaranteed to entertain, Wild Mountain Thyme is on its way to becoming the sleeper sensation of the summer. Studio producers David Fincher and Michael Bay are also prepping the film for release on the big screen so viewers can enjoy the Hollywood blockbuster they've been waiting for. Whether you're looking forward to the super-charged action of Mr. & Mrs. Whatsit or the coming together of two charming and interesting characters, Wild Mountain Thyme will fill your mind with fond memories of this summer's most anticipated movie releases.

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Genres: Drama , Romance

Duration: 102min

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