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Welcome to Sudden Death

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Welcome to Sudden Death, a new movie from the director of the acclaimed X-Men: The Last Stand. In Welcome to Sudden Death, a young security guard (played by Bradley Cooper) battles an army of techno-savvy terrorist after they seize hostages inside an airport. He must protect those hostages and thwart the terrorists' plan to cause a massive explosion, and in the process, kill millions of people. The movie is directed by none other than Bryan Singer, the man who wrote "Superman Returns," among other iconic movies.

Welcome to Sudden Death stars Bradley Cooper as Will Graham, a young man who's recently transferred into a strange new office space in Washington, D.C. While there, he finds that his new colleagues are incredibly suspicious of him, and when they discover that he is working undercover in their midst as an FBI agent, the suspicions only escalate. Once they start to believe he is part of a much larger conspiracy, they are determined to make sure that they get everything they want out of him, including his life.

In addition to Cooper, Martin Sheen also stars as former FBI agent Martin Chase, while Anna Kournikova also plays the role of a CIA agent. Overall, this film does not have a strong cast or a script that stands out, but it does have a few interesting elements. For example, while we see that Chase and Graham are good at what they do, we also find that they're quite reckless in the field, and when Graham gets suspicious that Chase is a mole, he lashes out violently, often to the detriment of himself and others.

Chase also seems to have a mental breakdown, even if it's at the hands of a rogue terrorist. This is done well, but Chase does end up committing a crime to cover up his actions. Also, it's clear that Chase is on a constant mission to prove himself, as he constantly searches for new recruits to bolster his ranks.

Martin, however, proves to be less than ideal as he has trouble adjusting to a new environment. He tends to speak too fast and sometimes doesn't really understand the basics of his job. Meanwhile, Chase also makes a few errors, such as not realising that he can't afford to ignore certain suspicious figures in his office, even if they're FBI agents.

Overall, Welcome to Sudden Death is fun to watch, but doesn't go far enough in its depiction of the lives of Chase and Graham. If you enjoy action and suspense, then this movie might be just the ticket for you. However, if you prefer a more traditional and less bombastic take on these types of stories, you may not feel as invested in the story as I did.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 80min

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