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We Summon the Darkness

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We Summon the Darkness is the first novel in the Blackstone Chronicles, written by R.A. Salvatore. Three best friends meet sadistic killers on a secluded farm in the countryside only to be caught in the middle of a war between good and evil. The story opens with them being separated from one another while out on a night out with their girlfriends. After arriving home, the three find themselves at odds over which of them is responsible for leaving the other at home. They argue, and it becomes clear that neither of them want to admit that they made the mistake of leaving.

The women argue that it was a mistake to leave their girlfriends, but the men insist that it was actually a mistake to leave them behind in the middle of the night when they left the house and when they were supposed to be there. While they debate the matter, two dark creatures appear from behind them and attack the girls, who are saved only by the timely arrival of their mother.

The three girls return to the house and with the mother's assistance, decide to go to the woods, where they would supposedly meet up with the men who have been threatening them for several days. They don't have much time, though, and are forced to run for their lives as the dark creatures attack from all sides. Their mothers quickly learn that the only way to protect them is by leaving their friends at home, and in order to do so, she makes an agreement with her mother's sister to bring in a babysitter. This leaves the girls with only one friend to rely on: one of the women who appears from behind them. When the babysitter arrives, the girls realize that she is in fact the real mother of their friend, and they must work together to stop the babysitter and protect the real mother from the evil she will do if they let her into the house.

This book has a few problems, but it manages to make up for them by using a well-crafted plot and by using interesting characters. For example, the babysitter is a character that never seems to change and there is little to keep the reader interested in what she is or why she might want to protect her real mother. However, Salvatore has used enough subplots and twists to make the reader care about the women's struggle to protect their mothers' honor, which is what they must do in order to get back their friends.

Salvatore, writing as if from personal experience, portrays the horror and paranoia that come with the secret society that the women have formed within their small town as well as the struggle that they face to protect the women who are very similar to their own mothers. In the end, though, the book ends with the three friends reunited and with the knowledge that there is more to the story than meets the eye. the secret society has a new face, but it still poses a threat to the people of the town and their world.

Overall, We Summon the Darkness is a fun read that has a few flaws, but one of the things that sets this apart from other urban fantasy books is how it deals with the idea of magic. We've all heard the horror stories about evil beings and witches and dark magic, but few have dealt with the idea of evil beings from the perspective of humans. Salvatore has pulled off a great urban fantasy book that brings both of these ideas into the mix, creating a fantasy book that deals with the problem of evil from the human viewpoint. He does this in a way that makes the story interesting and also has some great subplots and twists that create a feeling of urgency throughout the book.

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Genres: Horror , Thriller

Duration: 91min

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