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We Bare Bears: The Movie

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The animated children's show We Bare Bears: The Movie is now available online. John Lewis: Good Luck! The original popular cartoon series We Bare Bears gets an all new feature-length movie, this time pitting our three bears against an environmentalist (Markiplier). This movie doesn't live up to its predecessors in terms of animation or voice acting. However, the movie has some good story lines and good characters, so it isn't a complete dud.

The plot of the film revolves around a young boy named Bear and his best friend Panda. Together, the two become the subject of many of John Lewis' more political and social messages. While not nearly as deep as previous movies like A Christmas Story, or as hilarious as Meet the Parents, the film does a decent job of introducing the viewer to the main characters.

In addition to the introduction of the main characters, the movie introduces a whole new set of We Bare Bears. These include Ice Bear, Panda's younger brother and a potential rival for Ice's love interest, Hazel. Also, the film introduces new animals, including an elephant, a bear, and a hippo. While most of the other animals from the show seem pretty harmless, the hippo turns out to be a pretty dangerous animal, and I would definitely not recommend that kids watch this movie with their friends.

In the beginning, Bear, Panda, and Hazel are in a large zoo, where they learn about life from their mother and father. Later on, though, they start to meet other bears on their travels, such as Ginger and Gingerbread (voiced by Jennifer Coolidge and Ben Kingsley). They also start attending school and meeting other children. By the end of the movie, you begin to see just what the conflicts between humans and bears are. Although, it may seem like there is only one conflict going on, there are actually several interrelated plots. {in which the humans try to gain ownership of Grizz and Panda. while the bears fight against humans for the right to live.

I really enjoyed the humor in this movie. The dialogue is very well done, and the animation is quite good. The characters and story line are simple enough to make it easy to relate to. while still entertaining. However, I did feel that the message was a bit corny, but, because the movie seemed to be overdoing it a bit.

Overall, I give the film an A rating, but not an excellent one. It's fun for kids, but probably doesn't live up to the high standards set by past cartoons.

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