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Wasp Network

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While "The ABCs of Death" is an excellent crime movie, it can be argued that the ABCs of Death, or Wasp Network for short, are the main characters. We are presented with a single line in the beginning and that tells us all we need to know about what we are about to watch. There is no time to breathe or to take your mind off the impending bloodshed that will ensue from this point forward.

In the beginning, a home invasion is being made on the day in question by three armed robbers, who have already gotten away with one person. The homeowner (Tiffany) just needs to get in and call the police, but he is far too busy to help, because he is working the second job of the day (Serie). In fact, he has just had lunch with his co-worker who is having an affair with another employee (Diane).

With the exception of Tiffany's home security system, there is nothing special about the house except for the fact that the main entry door is on the outside and the kitchen is inside. This kind of setup is the norm for someone who does not feel safe enough to install an alarm system or to keep the home burglar proof. However, this does not take away from the effort that is put into the production of the film and the drama that goes into the development of the plot line.

No matter what the setting, the movie is about four people who have the misfortune of being involved in a case that was left unsolved a few years before when it was first reported. After that initial case is solved, the homeowners decide to ask the help of a private investigator. When this is done, the homeowner asks the private eye to follow up on a lead involving a string of robberies that might be connected. For all intents and purposes, the case does go cold for a while.

Eventually, a TV series that includes the question of whether a person is human or not develops as a result of this case. The creator of the series wanted to find a way to tell the story and make it cinematic, so he added elements that fit that plan and came up with the concept of the Wasp Network.

The network is not really a network at all; it is more of a bunch of people coming together who have some common interests and want to make their networks work as one. The network decides to have a charity walk in order to raise money for their cause and the group that joins them is known as the Wasp Network. It seems like a great idea and they all set out to make the network a success, but then they quickly find out that it takes more than one person to make it happen.

If you are looking for a storyline that gets a little complex and deals with some serious issues, then the movie is not for you. As far as an entertaining story is concerned, it may hold your attention long enough to get through the first half of the movie, but eventually you will have to turn the TV off, because you will just be so caught up in the action and the twists and turns that the director has taken the plot of the movie.

"The ABCs of Death" by Serie, directed by Evan Johnson, has a unique plot that is well worth the time you put into it. If you are looking for something to watch and be entertained while getting a little educational about the world around you, then you should give it a try. It is an educational movie that is not just for children, but for everyone, regardless of age.

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Genres: Drama , History , Thriller

Duration: 128min

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