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The Vanguard Group is an American mutual fund company owned by General Electric (GE). The company is one of the leading providers of bond funds and energy stocks in the world. As of January 2020 it held approximately $1 trillion in assets. In 2020, it acquired another company, Global Restructuring Capital, for an undisclosed amount. It was one of the "whipping boys" of the Enron scandal.

The Vanguard Group is an American registered Investment Advisor based in Malvern, Pennsylvania having about $6.2 billion in global assets as of January 2020. It is the tenth largest publicly held mutual fund company and the second largest provider of exchange traded funds worldwide after Blackrock's i Shares. The company is a member of the Investment Service Corp (ISCC), a powerful economic and government watchdog organization. Its investment products are sold in more than 200 countries around the world. It also provides investment advice to individual investors as well as large institutional clients.

The company's main product is the Vanguard Mutual Fund, a broad investment vehicle including both stocks and bonds and includes growth and income securities. The mutual fund is designed to grow with the economy as well as a particular financial category or investing theme, with the flexibility of choosing both long term and short term investments. The asset management teams are headed by Robert Kaplan and Edwardredo, with the annual expense ratio being less than 2 percent. The Vanguard Group has four types of funds: balanced endowment; endowment growth; income; and balanced blend.

The investment strategies of the vanguard group are largely dependent on the asset class selected and the risk tolerance of the investor. The investor can choose to invest both in stocks and bonds, equity and fixed income funds, all of which come under the vanguard banner. The mutual funds of the vanguard group have been ranked very highly by several professional investment agencies. Some of the funds in this category have been ranked within the top twenty of all mutual fund categories.

Some of the categories in which funds from the vanguard fund can be found include blue chip, growth, balanced, high yield, and growth. A good illustration of one of these investments is a growth fund, which is intended to let the investor to earn substantial profits on their money while also being able to withdraw some if not all of their profits at tax time. The investment style of the investment portfolio is geared toward building wealth for future years. Some examples of the types of investments which can be included in this category include equities, bonds, precious metals, and derivatives.

An excellent reason to consider an investment in Vanguard funds is that they are administered by a fund administrator who is usually a certified financial planner. This administrator has the expertise to pick the right types of investments to include in a portfolio which will maximize the returns earned and minimize risks. When considering a retirement account, it is best to find one from a qualified administrator who has experience in evaluating retirement plans, and having a proven track record. The administrator should also have strong knowledge of asset management and asset allocation.

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