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Vampires vs. the Bronx

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This is a vampire themed comedy starring a number of famous celebrities. The Vampire's only wish is to join the ranks of the other vampires, but instead he ends up fighting the police and being captured! What happens next is a story about fighting against the law and finding justice, along with some fantastic acting performances.

The Vampire's movie was created by Seria, who also wrote the script as well as producing and directing the series. The Vampire is now available on the internet for anyone who would like to see a funny movie with a little bit of vampire in it. The Vampire's is not exactly the best film, but at least it is entertaining.

When the Vampire arrives in town, he meets a woman named Pamela who has an evil plan to use her powers to get rid of all the vampires. She gives him the name of Benjamin, and he decides to fight to the death. While fighting, he realizes that he does have a talent for fighting, so he asks to join the police force. When the police are looking for someone they want to get rid of, they decide to put him in jail and release him from prison. Because he is a former criminal, the new law states that he can no longer be a cop.

In order to keep Benjamin on the force, the other officers make up a story that he is going crazy and killing everyone. It is up to Benjamin to convince the other officers that he is just another one of them and that he will do what is necessary to bring justice to his town. Benjamin is eventually promoted to captain and is given more freedom to deal with the law.

After a while, Benjamin gets to know some of the people in the police force and becomes friends with them. One day, they come to his home when a fire breaks out and they end up staying to help him with his problem. After the fire is put out, Benjamin gets to meet the man who put it off, so he and the other two go to the police station to get to know each other better.

In the second episode, Benjamin and the other two go to talk with the Vampire, but after they learn that he wants to be a cop, he tells the police that he is not interested in becoming one. and he is instead interested in becoming a detective and working in the private sector. The Vampire's vs. The Bronx.

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Genres: Comedy , Horror

Duration: 86min

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