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Toys of Terror

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Toys of Terror is an exciting 2020 American horror film starring Emily Rafferty as a young woman who becomes possessed by a devil figure known as the Puppet Master. Emily Blunt also stars as the mother to one of the children in the film, referred to as the Little Woman. The storyline revolves around a group of young men and women in an apartment who find a box which apparently contains a mysterious black box. Inside the box they discover a number of frightening toys, which take control of the people inside the apartment.

This mysterious movie has been praised by critics across the board and was one of the year's most notable and talked about films. One movie comparison that people often make when reviewing a movie is to compare it to the famous Disney film Finding Nemo, which was also released in 2020. While that film did have some unique toys associated with it, most other movies in this franchise have dolls of fish, pumpkins, monsters, and more which are included in the plot.

The Toys of Terror are very similar to the original Disney figurines of Finding Nemo. There are many similar creatures such as crabs, lobsters, and starfish along with some that aren't so common. The difference lies with the way the toys of terror are presented. In the first film, the audience learned that the toys were once innocent but evil creatures who were forced to flee from their home planet and enter the human world. The twist being that these creatures instead transported a member of the human population to their home dimension where they wreak havoc and set free as they terrorize the population and begin to take over the apartment block.

In the second film, the story goes back to how the toys of terror began. Once again, a young boy witnesses the death of his pet. While his grieving mother is comforting him, she notices a skull and a badly decomposed body lying on a bed. Distraught, she then finds a book that once belonged to her late father, which relates how a wizard locked the deceased into an ancient vault. The book also states that three other wizards had helped to lock the boy into the vault along with him. When she recovers the book and opens the vault, she finds that one of the wizards had made a deal with a witch to have the boy's soul imprisoned inside a magical crystal.

With the help of the wizard, the witch turns on the remaining wizards, causing them to turn on the unsuspecting tourist and kill them. The crystal then corrupts the guards at the museum who begin to attack random tourists. A lone guard then decides to follow the dead wizards' skeletal remains home. Inside the house, he comes across a heavily decomposed body and realizes that it is none other than the son of the former owner of the toys of terror! The skull and the badly decomposed body then merge together and form a hideous amalgamation of both real and figurines, which send the remaining guests running for their lives!

Scary tales and scary games are the trademark of Toys of Terror: The Original Graphic Novel and it is truly a game that will make you jump and scream. Graphic novelist Christian Audigier has been responsible for the original design and has re-created the scenario as well as most of the backgrounds. The story line involves several haunted houses scattered around the snowy forests of North America in modern times and they each represent a scene from the original Toys of Terror: The Original Graphic Novel! In addition to that, the snow background is done in a way that it looks like snow has blown up from North America and piled up to create the giant mountains and horrible giant monsters that are seen within the story!

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 89min

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