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Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

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This movie is about the four young men who dream of becoming doctors and are actually med school aspirants, aspiring to make mistakes and learn from them in order to improve their approach, and succeed in their mission. The story of Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is about the four young men who are destined to become part of a large, pioneering group of professional health care professionals.

Sean McCann, an American medical student, faces challenges that he has never experienced before in his life. All the hard work is going to pay off when he takes the helm in a fledgling medical company in Ukraine, but he is faced with obstacles and setbacks in his business. Timmy, his best friend from his high school days, is also having trouble finding success in a medical field. He too is struggling with his attitude, and his often transparent faults.

The two US-born, Spanish speaking students, Avram, a married man, and Dov, a low level sales representative, are constantly talking about life and moving forward in their career. To their respective frustration, they have to put up with their boss' unreasonable behavior, as well as problems of procrastination and poor management, all of which affects their productivity in their career.

These characters happen to be the subjects of this film, which is based on an online advertising strategy. The movie's main character, John Paul, is an online content writer who is given a task to write an article and submits it for publishing on the online internet site that he was given.

Unfortunately, John Paul ends up making a lot of mistakes and fails in this task. When the readers or viewers of the site to find out about his previous mistakes, they hate him for his behavior and are not likely to vote for him. The movie explores the effects of this kind of attitude on the career-minded personality, especially on the person who is truly determined to make a name for himself.

The online users of the online magazine will be dismayed by his efforts and will immediately shun him when he makes another error. The movie makes it clear that one should never complain about one's mistakes, because this will bring about unneeded humiliation.

The movie also makes it clear that the online users, who have an opinion about one's performance, do not want to be offended by the mistakes that one has made. Rather, they would like to see some development and improvement in the man's behavior.

In such a scenario, a critic, who is genuinely interested in improving his self-confidence, will try his best to help the person in need, no matter what the nature of the mistake was. He or she will even contribute to his or her career growth and even improve his or her own quality of life.

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Genres: Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Mystery

Duration: 99min

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