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Think Like a Dog

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In a plot point, the movie Think Like a Dog has an interesting premise. Based on the novel by Adam Mansbach, the film tells the story of Laura the dog and her journey with her owners, Henry and Ellen Collier, through the suburb of Los Angeles. The parents believe in a dog heaven for their pets, so when their new four-legged friend arrives they welcome her with open arms.

However, as the years go by, the dog begins to believe that she has an identity and gets jealous when she meets other dogs. As time goes by, she also finds herself lost in Los Angeles, making it impossible for her owners to find her. And so they hire an actress to pose as the real Laura and then let her through the door...

Laura gets lost in Los Angeles. Eventually, she witnesses the abduction of her owner's baby and stays with her as he leaves to reunite with his daughter. With the help of a substitute pooch, Laura is able to find her way back to her owners. But soon after her return, a bunch of dogs attack the Colliers' yard, leaving them badly injured.

Things start to get worse when the family's property gets taken over by the court. But what seems to be the worst of it all is that a deformed, vicious cat seems to have followed them from the orphanage. Having found out about the children, the Cat decides to infiltrate their life, getting close to Emma and Alice until she gains the Colliers' trust.

This is where the movie takes a turn into bizarre. The cat attacks the Colliers' child and tells the two little girls, she'll keep them safe if they say her name. Alice says her name and is raped. Later, she is found with bruises and mauling marks and it turns out that the Cat had planted those marks there. But the worst thing is that the Cat was able to trick the Colliers, which left the kids' parents even more scared and confused. They keep the young girls away from anyone who might know anything about the Cat and call the police. The movie then moves on to the kidnapping of a well-to-do young couple who had just given birth to their first child.

The couple had been on a vacation with their son and adopted daughter, when something happens and they are taken from their car and taken away by the Cat. They later find out that the Cat had set them up as the perfect sacrifice and had specifically wanted the daughter to be kidnapped, as the Cat believed that she would attract a better and younger breed of women. When the mother realizes what had happened to her husband, she finally realizes what she had done and realizes the need to find her daughter...

But aside from the incredible storyline, the movie's plot is actually quite predictable, especially since it was based on the book. If you are going to watch this movie, then I recommend watching it during the first half and not the second.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Family

Duration: 91min

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