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The Wrong Missy

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When people hear the name The Wrong Missy, they immediately think about an erotic movie starring Reese Witherspoon. Well, this is definitely not true as the online version of The Wrong Missy was released to the public earlier this year. What is it about?

The Wrong Missy is a series of short erotic erotica movies in the long running series of the Jennifer Aniston and Jason Biggs family of comedies. The Wrong Missy is based on the first sequel of the series. It tells of the life of Emily Young, who works as a nurse. She was originally infatuated with another female nurse when she met her at a bar, but ends up falling in love with her very much.

Emily's former love is jealous of her devotion towards the female nurse that she endures until he is later killed in a car accident. So, the two end up together for some time until one day they go on a trip to visit her family's grave.

At first Emily feels bad because she's unaware that the female nurse actually died and she was just pretending to be someone else in order to look after her friend. However, when the same nurse reappears from the grave and saves her life, she becomes totally smitten with her.

The Wrong Missy is a romantic comedy drama with lots of sensual scenes, passionate kissing and steamy pillow talk. The Wrong Missy is a continuation of the first movie in the series and although it is different from the original, it is still based on the same premise and theme. It also has a few changes that make it different from the series.

The movie was directed by Steven Soderbergh and also stars Mila Kunis and Emilia Clarke. The movie will definitely give a great intimate, sensual and sexy experience to viewers. The Wrong Missy was a great success as it got high ratings from critics and audiences alike.

The Wrong Missy is now available on the online scene. It is a TV-series for online viewing and is not available in cinemas. You can actually watch it on the internet if you have access to a broadband connection and high speed Internet.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 90min

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