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The Way Back

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The Way Back is a British comedy-drama TV series in the TV series of the same name, which follows the life of one Eddie Matlock. With his mother's strange pregnancy, Eddie's father (James Davenport) leaves his mother and moves to Wales. Unfortunately, his father was not able to survive the flight home because he fell into a huge well, killing him instantly. In his attempt to find a suitable life for himself, Eddie searches for something that could help him understand the origins of his father.

The series follows his search to find his life and family with the help of his friend Hannah (Deborah Sedo). Throughout the series, Eddie realizes the importance of making the most out of his life, as his mother has always told him, "The only true reward is the one you receive when you've received everything you deserve". In the first episode, titled 'Eddie, The Way Back', we watch as Eddie's attempt to find a new job lands him in a situation where he gets lost on a road trip for a limousine service. Along the way, Eddie meets the firm that will ultimately lead him to become the "new man" in town.

A lot of thought has been put into this movie since it was made, especially since the story focuses on the nature of family. Through the movie, we can see, "What happens in the family stays in the family". Eddie and Hannah's daughter Laura (Elizabeth Arnott) are told at an early age, "What happens in the family stays in the family". This holds true throughout her whole life, so that she can be sure that the names of her parents and grandparents will always be with her. With this, Laura becomes a strong and independent woman in her own right.

The Way Back was adapted from the HBO series of the same name, which tell the story of the career of Eddie Matlock, as well as his family life. In the first series, Matlock started out at a large, prestigious law firm before finding himself running a limousine company out of his own garage. As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Matlock has a personality all his own. From his temperate and calm demeanor to his independence, Matlock's character really develops over the course of the series.

Although this first series of The Way Back was not that successful, the second installment did really improve the first movie. In addition to having the elements of family and relationship development intact, the series also adds more humor to the mix. However, while this movie does deliver on the original promise of the TV series, it does lose some of its luster.

James Davenport returns to the director's chair, as well as his co-writer, actor Andrew Davies. Although the movie does follow the formula introduced in the first series, it does deviate from it somewhat. Specifically, we can see that the main characters' lifestyles change significantly throughout the series. While it was easier to follow Matlock's and his co-workers' lives as they moved around the UK, the second movie focuses on the lives of a few of the main characters.

Despite these slight alterations, The Way Back provides a very entertaining show to watch. By the time you finish watching the movie, you will still have the feeling of excitement you get when watching the TV series, only that the show is a lot more action-packed. All throughout the show, we see Matlock and his company perform different stunts that require the use of some pretty fancy gadgets and equipment.

The Way Back remains one of the best TV series of the current generation and gives viewers a chance to revisit the days of TV series such as The Prisoner, and It's a Living. The series provides a decent dose of family-friendly entertainment and more importantly, makes viewers care about the lives of the characters as they go through each scenario.

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Genres: Drama

Duration: 108min

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