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The War with Grandpa

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In "The War With Grandpa," John Krasinski plays the title character, a retired detective who now tries to live the rest of his life the same way he had when he was a child - by fighting crime and saving the world. The film is set in the fictional town of Riverton, Utah, where every kid is named Dave (Krasinski), and is run by "Mrs. Wiggles" (Lori Singer).

When the old man's son Danny (Eddie Murphy) gets a call that his father is missing, a search begins to find out what happened to him. Dave and his older brother, Mike (Will Ferrell), became involved in the search for their dad, as Danny's son and brother-in-law, Larry and Mary, start getting involved. When the old man's son dies while on the trail, Dave realizes that he needs to learn how to fight crime, and that's where the movie takes a strange turn.

In a lot of these type of movies, you're usually introduced to the main characters early on and then you're left with some sort of plot to follow, or it's very easy to get lost and forget what's happening. The War With Grandpa is not like that. In fact, the movie drags you in at the beginning, forcing you to care about what happens next. You're always involved and have to make decisions about how to handle things, whether it's helping Danny's brother, finding out more about Dave's past, or getting your own house cleared.

The old man's son Danny learns early on that if he wants to live the life he wants, he has to stand up to the bullies in his school. He even battles his own father at one point, as well. And just as you'd expect in a real-life version of this story, Dave realizes that the only way to take down the villains and bring justice to the criminals is to beat them at their own game. This becomes his mission in life, as he gets involved with his fellow kids and friends, learning tricks of the trade.

It's a bit confusing, but in the end, Dave wins over the old man's heart and begins to live a much better life. However, the big problem that Dave has is that when his friends are plotting to force him to go out of town to go back to work as a private detective and bring in some extra money, Dave's wife, Beth (Milla Jovovich), refuses to let him do that.

And thus, this old couple's relationship turns sour, leading to a battle that will test their love in ways that will haunt both of them. In a sense, The War With Grandpa is a love story without romance, but in the end, it's still the most important thing that happen in the movie.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Family

Duration: 94min

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