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The Vast of Night

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It is a year since the release of The Vast of Night and thus it would be interesting to take a look at some of the comparisons that have been made to The Sound of Music. Some of the comparisons have been outright serious while others have been totally exaggerated. We will discuss here a few of the major themes of this film, its sequels and remakes and how it has been viewed over the years.

Despite the introduction of more characters and more well-known singers and actresses to populate the movie, it retains its classical and powerful themes with the introduction of those beautiful ballet sequences that made the first movie so popular. That first movie was known for having its first movement performed by composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Since then, the movie has been compared to this classic piece of music. The music actually reflects the times as it depicts the challenges of our times through the words that it speaks and by the actions that it prescribes.

The second movie makes the point that despite the whole world standing united in peace, the enemy still manages to launch a devastating attack. It tries to gain revenge and terrorize the innocent people of Germany. A large number of people are targeted, while others are not directly involved in the war. The tone is determined to be political, but for all intents and purposes, the movie follows through the typical romance and suspense fare that the franchise is famous for. We are dealing with conflicts and problems, but at the end of the day, they are also about love and human relationships.

The rise of communism in the Soviet Union has been completely avoided by The Sound of Music. We see different cultures working together in a manner of peace rather than one invading the other. In other words, we are given another perspective of the story that has been echoed by every sequel to this series since its inception.

Many people forget that there are three parts to The Sound of Music. That is why The Vast of Night makes use of different metaphors to present an overall picture. We see that the Nazis are caught up in a web of deceit as they maneuver to take control of Russia through revolutions and subversion.

The third part, known as The Vast of Night, deals with the final days of the life of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Nazi regime attempts to assassinate him through poisoning his food. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, he endures the rigors of a long illness that ends with his suicide.

The first and third movies deal with smaller scope and have never garnered a big following like the franchise, it is based on. The Sound of Music was the first to be made in 3 parts with the second part released a year later. With this movie, it became even more of a hit and it is still being viewed to this day.

In light of the fact that The Vast of Night was made and released to mixed reviews, there has been much speculation about what sequels are in store for the franchise. For those who missed the first movie, it is worth the wait to watch this sequel as it has excellent message and should get better reviews than the first one.

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