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The Unfamiliar

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The Unfamiliar is a science fiction movie based around a young man named James Gordon. Gordon works for the police in Gotham City but is often called into question about his behavior, especially when he accidentally causes an accident that is fatal to a child. His superiors try to get him off the job, but Gordon has too much integrity and knows that he is a necessary asset in this city.

Gordon is not an ideal police officer. He doesn't have the skills necessary to catch criminals. His attitude can be a problem because of his sometimes abrasive nature. However, Gordon manages to get himself promoted to Detective Wayne, where he meets Catwoman.

Gordon soon learns that he has a strong resemblance to Catwoman, who is also known as Selina. They form a relationship as they work to solve crimes and become good friends.

While Catwoman is only interested in using Gordon for her own ends, Gordon realizes that he has an even greater destiny with her. The Unfamiliar takes some inspiration from The Dark Knight, but Gordon uses his own experiences to further enhance the story. The Unfamiliar is another interesting film that takes place in the DC comic world.

Though it has a lot in common with The Dark Knight, it still manages to stand on its own. It is a fun movie that you can enjoy while waiting for Batman Begins. As an added bonus, the cast is excellent and includes Michael Caine and Jennifer Garner.

The Unfamiliar gives you a similar feeling to The Dark Knight, except the visuals are a lot better. The acting is top notch and the overall story is enjoyable. Overall, The Unfamiliar is another good film that will provide you with a lot of entertainment.

The Unfamiliar is set in Gotham City similar to The Dark Knight. Gordon is a hard working detective that is put in charge of Gotham City's Crime Unit. He is often called in to solve crimes that involve a Batman villain such as The Riddler or Catwoman. He is a very good detective, but the movie loses interest towards the end, making you feel like the story is dragging a bit.

Gordon is not perfect and is not what you would call an upstanding member of society. However, Gordon manages to overcome his shortcomings and remain on top. as he tries to get himself promoted and become a detective. more involved with the department.

The Unfamiliar is another fantastic film that you should consider watching, especially if you enjoyed The Dark Knight. It isn't perfect, but it is entertaining and has a great storyline and characters. You won't feel bored either way.

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Genres: Horror , Thriller

Duration: 89min

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