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The Tax Collector

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The Tax Collector is the first enforcer for any criminal. Two old foes for a criminal face an uncertain future if an old rival suddenly reappears. When confronted by a tax collector, they can't help but agree and decide to team up and try to clear their names. But they both know that the only way to win this conflict is by using illegal methods to make things happen, so they take every step to avoid the most dangerous method: jail.

In this thriller/crime story written by James Patterson, the Tax Collector is a man who is in love with an innocent woman who has been captured by criminals. He realizes that he has no way of going after her herself, so he uses his connections to get her released, even if it means doing things that will land him behind bars.

What's interesting about the story involves the fact that it's a mystery from start to finish. We have no idea what exactly triggers the endgame of this suspenseful story. Patterson does a great job of setting up the characters and their unique relationship, but we just don't know what will happen to them as the story progresses. Will the tax collector win? Will she find her way back to love or to the criminal she once hated?

Patterson does a great job of using dialogue between characters to create some tension, but he doesn't spend too much time building the tension. He gives the reader a taste of the action, but then jumps back to a moment of conversation to reveal more. His action sequences are great, but he spends far too much time with dialogue. This is why I didn't like this book as much as others did.

If you want to read a mystery book that includes a bit of action, but doesn't spend too much time on dialogue, then Patterson's book is for you. The action scenes are well-done, but I wasn't impressed with the mystery. It was boring, and a lot of the twists were forced.

Overall, Patterson does a good job of creating a tense and suspenseful story. However, if you're looking for a good mystery story that provides some great action, then I would recommend reading something else. This is a novel that will keep you interested and entertained, but isn't worth the time spent on reading it.

Overall, I liked this novel, but it's not for everyone. If you're looking for a suspenseful mystery with some solid action, then I'd recommend another title. Otherwise, I suggest reading something else.

Overall, Patterson does a good job of using dialogue to create tension, but it's not enough to make the story worth the time spent. It's just a good mystery novel without any real intrigue. - just an interesting story with some good characters.

Average: 6.5 / 10 (1006 votes)
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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama

Duration: 95min

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