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Sputnik is a Russian-made series of real life, albeit fictional events that took place in Soviet Russia in the 1920s. This animated film was actually produced by Disney, a company known for such classics as Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. The biggest story line that this movie follows revolves around the story of Katerina Konstantinova and her son Ivan. After the death of her husband, Sergei Stakhov, Katerina picks up the pieces of his business and proceeds to try to fix things for herself and her son.

That is when she discovers that Nikolai Ivanov is the man who has been hiding from his wife. He is the lover of Katerina's mother. She is forced to attempt to get her money and leave him for Nikolai. After she goes missing, Nikolai realizes that his daughter is pregnant and he knows he must leave her to give the baby up for adoption. He also finds out that Katerina is now a bridesmaid in her father's wedding.

The girl and her father have some problems in which she has been trying to get over. She spends most of the movie searching for her child and feels guilty about ruining her chances. However, Katerina is still angry at her for not going with her when she went on vacation to Hawaii. She feels she would have helped raise her son better.

What's great about this movie is that it brings up a lot of issues surrounding raising children and even old age. While Katerina may feel like she has a past, she is actually trying to find the future and is also looking for a way to get on with her life. It is a very funny film that you won't be able to put down once you start watching it.

The movie is an interesting mix of action and comedy. There are some well-choreographed sequences involving explosions and the like. However, when the movie starts to become serious it becomes repetitive and dull. While the overall story line is not very deep, the character development is rather amazing.

The movie is also available on DVD. I'm not sure why Disney included all the episodes in one DVD set. In my opinion, it would have been more interesting to have a separate collection of the episodes and included them in a separate DVD set, but whatever.

The cast is pretty impressive. The voice cast includes Donald Sutherland (Sputnik in real life), Jeff Bennett (Nikolai), John Rhys-Davies (Joey) and Rebecca De Mornay (Katerina). Overall, the voices are a nice compliment to the film.

The movie is definitely worth checking out if you love movies or cartoons about the Soviet era. It is not an amazingly innovative movie, but I do think it is entertaining, if a little light hearted.

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