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The Rhythm Section

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The title of this post comes from a recent Italian production called "La Serie Italiana" which translates to "The Rhythm Section Italian" (followed by a period). It is a new movie of Italian director Enrico Caruso that involves dancing, dancing and more dancing.

At the beginning of the movie you will notice the dress rehearsal and the introduction of this important period of the movie. A guest to the opera then enters the scene, leading to a beautiful young girl to the stage to offer her happiness to a young man that was there with her.

Soon after the girl left the stage, another guest would make his entrance and appear on the dance numbers. A man and a woman would dance in front of the stage and later the man and the girl would take part in the presentation of two new songs.

During the entire dance, the woman danced very seductively and she gave such a feeling as if a completely different persona had been enacted. She appeared as a sweet and innocent young girl, while the man in the dance would change his entire appearance to that of a famous bodybuilder.

Meanwhile the man and the woman would take part in the second part of the show with the help of the dance numbers. As if the events had been rehearsed, these two dancers would make a rediscovery and they would dance to the song "Walking on a Dream".

It became so that it became a situation where there would be a marriage proposal to the man in the role of the bodybuilder. The man would accept the proposal and he would dance with the beautiful young girl in the role of the young woman and the lady would be forced to propose to the handsome man in the man's clothing.

After the event, the scene of the setting of the opera would take place again with the wedding taking placeas the wedding in the novel. Then, the closing moment of the movie would bring the finale of the story of the film, and you would then have a great time watching the rest of the movie.

I recommend that you will not miss this a pretty special evening to watch this musical that has been bringing out the excitement and fun in the audiences since its release. It will surely make you learn something, and at the same time it would remind you how to appreciate great films in a whole new way.

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 109min

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