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The Pale Door

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This movie is about a blind man who is allowed into the House of the Rising Sun, only to find out that he has been turned into a vampire and can't go back. He decides to stay in the house to protect it from the Bloodsuckers, and realizes that he has no idea what the mysterious "The Pale Door" is.

The episode starts with Ben being turned and being told that he has no idea what the Pale Door is, and is left in this strange house where all kinds of weird and vampire-like creatures are drawn to. All he knows is that the vampires can be traced back to two unrelated deaths.

The TV show does a great job of showing all of the scenes of the house and the people inside of it. They explain things very well and are very entertaining. It's a shame that they didn't go any further with the story but it seems that maybe they had enough storyline for a full movie.

The story behind the vampire movie is just as strange as the actual movie itself. In order to stay in the house, Ben has to become a vampire and his friends know that he's going to do it because they're also all vampires, but he doesn't really care about them. In fact, he doesn't even care if they ever find out what he's been doing.

The first set of characters that you meet are the Bloodsucker, Hammerhead, and Cherub. There is also an owner of the house who is completely unaware of all of this and it turns out to be a ghost and not a living human.

The movie isn't a horror flick by any means but is extremely clever and entertaining. As long as you don't mind people turning into monsters, then this might be one of the better movies to watch on TV. I recommend it highly. The episodes are quite short and there is only one left, so you might want to start watching them after the real life events are over. For this reason, this movie is not as good as the live action remake which was released a year later. However, it is a good movie and you will definitely have a good time if you like the television show.

The series is available for purchase online and you can start watching now. It's actually not that bad and isn't nearly as bad as a movie like Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, which is a direct remake of a movie I didn't even know existed. I have to say that this movie is pretty amazing, but only if you like the TV show and the plot lines.

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Genres: Horror , Western

Duration: 96min

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