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The Other Lamb

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Not everyone is familiar with the modern classic that is The Other Lamb, but they will not be surprised by the rating of R-rated that this movie enjoys. A great TV show on Starz, it is a very unique piece of work that brings a whole new style to the television.

The original movie was published in 1988 and starred "The Middle" star John Ritter. Now, almost twenty years later, the remake has been released and it did not disappoint. The actors were terrific, and director Christian Siriano brought the show to life in spades.

There are three movies in the series, The Other Lamb, and The Last Night are part of the first film. They were written by Lem Dobbs and directed by Michael Kohler. The story of the show itself is about two serial killers in New York City, one is Dr. Sterling Lee (John Ritter), and the other is Peter "Pete" Lamont (Evan Peters).

The series takes place mostly in Central Park, and tells the stories of two murderers as they try to solve their cases. As the stories progress, they become involved in other crimes as well, and the series progresses from bad to worse. Each episode is based on a particular episode of the original show and also continues the adventures of Dr. Sterling Lee, and his cohorts.

The Original series of The Other Lamb got a lot of attention, even though the movie had some problems. As it was made for television, it did not receive the best reviews, and was not a huge success at the box office. However, the movie shows a much more gritty, edgy style than most TV shows can pull off and made it one of the better movies that were produced.

What makes The Other Lamb so special is the way the show progressed, and how it became the series that it is today. For example, the first movie introduced us to Dr. Sterling Lee as he stalks a murderer named Clayton Darrow (Kevin Pollack). Although we only see Lee for a couple of minutes, he proves to be one of the most interesting characters in the series.

The Last Night is an excellent follow up, but what makes it stand out is the way it ties in the main series. We still see Sterling Lee and Peter Lamont, but they were never exactly the same person. By the end of the series, the two men have become two halves of the same person, and their personalities are completely different.

Overall, The Other Lamb is a great movie, and the series is worth watching if you love the style of a Serial Killer Television. The whole series is available on DVD, and a friend of mine just ordered them for his collection.

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Genres: Drama , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 97min

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