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The New Mutants

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In The New Mutants movie, X-Men: First Class, we are introduced to the team of teenaged mutant warriors known as the New Mutants. These youngsters are led by Magneto, a young man who was killed in World War II by the United States military. Magik, another of the group, also returns as part of her role as an important member of the team. Magneto has a son, Dusty Rhodes, who is also a member of the New Mutants.

The New Mutants joins forces with the original X-Men to form the X-Men. While at a secret base, Magneto recruits Wolfsbane, Karma, and several other teenage mutants who try to develop their powers at the school. As they go about their mission, the New Mutants discovers that the New York City police are holding the other students at this base as well. The X-Men, led by Professor X, find the students and free them from the clutches of their oppressors. The New Mutants is also involved in a battle with Magneto, who uses his mind control abilities to make some of the students fight each other for him.

The New Mutants eventually grows apart from their former teacher because of a lack of respect. The team is constantly struggling with what to do with their lives. Eventually, Dusty Rhodes leaves and joins the Hellfire Club.

For these young adults, there is still a lot of room for growth. The New Mutants, along with a handful of other teenagers, travel to Mexico to get a glimpse of the supernatural. As the young adults become more experienced with the powers of the world, they realize how important it is to learn more about the powers of magic. When they return home, the New Mutants decides to get even more serious with their studies and they become known as the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The New Brotherhood members include the likes of Cable and Psylocke, who are known for their ability to control energy.

Magneto decides to have a one on one meeting with the New Mutants, but he is met with opposition. He decides to leave the United States. to join a commune in South America known as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The New Mutants soon becomes the hunted by the Brotherhood and is subjected to many different forms of torture. At one point, Magneto is captured and held against his will, but he manages to escape and make his way to the Brotherhood's headquarters.

Magneto and the New Mutants make their way to Coruscant, where they join forces with Cable to help battle the Brotherhood's leader, Nimrod. After the battle, the X-Men return and win, and Magneto vow to keep up the fight until all of them have died. Although the New Mutants is not shown as much this season, they have developed a strong bond in the meantime.

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