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The Legend of Halloween Jack

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"The Legend of Halloween Jack" will be the first installment in a series of scary and suspenseful Halloween films starring Tim Curry as legendary serial killer Jack the Ripper. In the film, Curry will play legendary British serial killer Jack the Ripper himself. The film also stars Michael Gambon as the titular character, and will be released in the UK on October 8.

The sleepy seaside resort town of Dunwich has just about everything it needs to host a Halloween celebration. The local population is ready to welcome the holiday season with a bang, especially if they can witness the first ever serial killing on Halloween night. Jack the Ripper, though, is a bit more sinister than the usual petty criminals that frequent this part of London. The local residents are preparing for the big Halloween bash in Dunwich when they learn that their once-perfect, all-white city masks are actually a guilty secret.

One year ago, a ragtag group of vigilante vigilantes decided to take matters into their own hands, when notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper escaped from prison. The group, called "The Lost Boys," decided to go after Jack, and capture him alive so that they could prosecute him for his crimes. The group would use a variety of tactics to catch Jack the Ripper. One of these tactics was using a mask. Using a mask on Jack the Ripper would give the group an advantage in capturing Jack and preventing him from escaping.

The group's plan worked, but Jack the Ripper got away. His next victim, a female servant named Mary Shelly, fell victim to Jack the Ripper's next attack, killing her on the beach. This time, Jack wasn't so lucky, as he was forced to kill the victim by drowning her.

To prevent Jack from getting away, the group decides to hold a huge Halloween parade in Dunwich. The locals are anxious to attend, but are worried that the police will stop the parade and end their annual tradition. The group, however, makes sure that there is enough space so that they can accommodate hundreds of people and stage a real show.

Jack the Ripper isn't the only person in the group is going to be terrorizing this Halloween. They'll be visiting the same streets that Jack supposedly terrorized. The movie features many classic horror film themes such as murder mysteries, spooks, ghosts, and lots of gore and suspense.

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 90min

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