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The Last Warrior: Root of Evil

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The Last Warrior: Root of Evil is an animated Russian film released in 2021. Directed by Anatoly Zakhachyov, The Last Warrior revolves around a group of Russian soldiers who are stranded on an island after their helicopter is shot down. With no way to float back to their base of operations, they have to rely on other people's lives. The Last Warrior traces the journey of this unlikely group of men until their ultimate reunion.

The movie begins with a series of flashbacks revealing how the main character, Garik Karlamov (Koen Karp), and his two comrades first became stranded on this island centuries ago. From there, the movie flies through many colorful settings and period costumes, as well as some flashbacks that remind us of Garik and the rest of the Last Warrior's gruff, yet affectionate comrades. Along the way, we learn about how the group came to be stranded on the island in the first place-how an ancient evil plot was unleashed upon the world, and how it's victims were transformed into mindless monstrosities.

Meanwhile, in another scene, we get a glimpse of what happened to Garik and the rest of his comrades during the next few minutes. It's revealed that during the course of the Last Warrior, his friend Vasily (Benedict Channing) had been killed by an unknown sniper. The sniper then took control of the group and transported them to a castle. Here, General Garik and some other people from the Last Warrior's crew decided to dig up the grave of their fallen friend Vasily and prepare for resurrection. But when they did, they discovered that the skeleton they were digging up was actually Vasily's grandfather, who had been frozen in ice during World War II. Meanwhile, the city of Stalingrad was under the attack of the German military, led by Reinhard von Moltke (Gusiana Laskaris), who was playing with the local prejudices when he decided to eradicate the entire Jewish population of Stalingrad.

So, now that we've gotten the big picture of the plot, let's discuss some character aspects of the movie, since that's such an important part of the overall experience. First of all, let's talk about Gonzo. In one scene, he's apparently drinking some sort of weird elixir while Gonzo (Dolph Lundgren) is talking in Italian with his associate, zesterino. When Gonzo looks down, he sees that the man has long lost his eyesight. He then decides to use his newly-acquired hearing ability to translate for his associate and asks him what is going on; obviously, it turns out that Gonzo needs to go back to America, where he believes he'll find someone who can speak English.

on | find the: of (2021) on | watch the: of (2021) is on | find the: of (2021) is streaming online | last | movie} Anyway, back to Gonzo... He's a retired NSA agent, and before he left, he assumed that somehow, something bad would happen to America. That's why he took such a long time to get to Stalingrad. He also didn't want to be captured because he felt like America would lose its will to fight the Soviet Union... or so he thought. In fact, in one scene, you can see him getting out of bed and thinking about how to slip out of the building that holds the concentration camp where he lives (but we'll get to that in a moment).

It turns out that there isn't much danger at all involved; it's all a big misunderstanding, which was started by Gonzo and his associate Shocker. To make matters worse, Shocker doesn't have a clue what's really going on, but ends up having to kill innocent civilians just to make things right again with America. It is very disturbing when you think about the real reason why Americans fought in World War Two. I recommend that if you love movies, you check out The Last Warrior: Root of Evil on Netflix right away; it doesn't cost much and it will give you hours of good movie entertainment. Watch it whenever you can.

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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 120min

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