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The Invisible Man

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One of the most popular movies of all time is The Invisible Man. It is also one of the most complex and confusing films ever made. I actually watched the movie four times with a complete different view point in mind, as each viewing I got slightly more and a little less understanding about the movie.

The Invisible Man takes place in 1959, in the fictional town of Bolingbroke, England. There is a new doctor, Charles Dickens, who has been trying to create the perfect surgery to remove a bad chest. However, he never worked on a problem like this before.

With the help of his assistant, a magician named Amelia Winson, he tries to save the life of Helen Bowen, a lady who was accidentally caught in a tourniquet at birth. As a result, she has an infection that will not go away and become infected.

Halloween comes to town and Amelia gets a call from Charles with some horrifying news. It seems that his test on her chest has proved that she is carrying a dangerous strain of the tularemia bacteria, which can infect anyone in one bite. She decides to head to the countryside hospital to find out what is happening to the people who have come in contact with the infected. A few days later, when they all arrive, they find out that the doctor has been killed by one of the infected patients.

The rest of the film takes place in the countryside hospital, as the infected battle for their lives against the Halloween spirit. Halloween shows up and infects the doctor's secretary, but in the Nick of time, he manages to escape. Of course, Halloween continues to spread the disease, and Charles gets in touch with Helen to warn her of the dangers of being infected. Finally, he catches up with Halloween and she reveals that she knows where the source of the tularemia is hidden.

Halloween infects someone, goes to America, and joins forces with Charles to fight the disease, after they get the location. The battle goes on, until Halloween is almost dead.

While the movie is based on a true story, it does tend to rely too much on medical terminology. There are some moments where it would have been easier to explain in plain English rather than having to rely on lingo.

Overall, The Invisible Man was a good movie. It had a lot of potential to grow into something much bigger. However, it had a tendency to make the movie's storyline confusing and with no real backstory or explanation for why and how this particular illness is spread.

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Duration: 124min

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