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The Insurrection

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This movie is based on the true story of how a group of citizens in Chicago organized a group riot against the police and the government. The movie tells a story of the Chicago citizens in their desperation to express their grievances. We can see their frustrations and angry anger in many scenes, and it is all portrayed very well on screen.

The film starts with the story of how the citizens staged a protest by gathering together at one of the several business establishments they have located around the area. They then passed out pamphlets to the people of the place and told them of the reason for their protest. The pamphlet talks about how they were forced to shoot a young boy who was playing by his front door, the incident that took place that lead to their protest. The pamphlet finishes with a call for more protests and action for the community.

We next see the main character named Jimmy Sherfy, a young man from Chicago who works as a newspaper delivery man. When he is not delivering newspapers, he goes to his church for spiritual guidance. He has two teenage sons, one of whom is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. He is also the father of one of the youths in the community.

The town is in danger, as the police refuse to listen to the citizens' demands. The streets are filled with violence. No one feels safe; everyone is feeling the heat.

Two nights later, the town once again erupts into a civil war. They need to find out who started the war and why. It turns out that it was an officer from another Chicago suburb, named William Porter. He does not want to give the name of the town, so he will give the location of the trouble:

There is a ranch outside of Bible Mountain, where the younger son isin a fight with his teacher and the older son is taking lessons on alcohol and drugs. The younger son gets into a fight and decides to take the bus to go see his friend, but when he gets to Bible Mountain, he finds that all the cars have been towed and the other children have been sent home.

Jimmy continues to deliver the newspaper and the older son is still in trouble, although now it is the police and the other children who are in trouble; this enrages him and he decides to throw a rock through the windows of the school where his friends are being held. He also wants to burn down the police station. His friend Dan, on the other hand, starts to get involved and the rest of the story unfolds.

The Insurrection is another great movie from the popular series of TV shows. It does not make you think about violence as much as some other films; however, the violence in the movie is real and the crowd is made up of people that hate each other. We see how the citizens of Chicago in the mid 70's decided to voice their opinions and throw a mass riot in order to get the attention of the authorities.

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Genres: Action

Duration: 90min

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