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The Half of It

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In this movie, a computer company is owned by James of a millenium. While one of his cousins is trying to get the world market to keep up with them, James is starting to struggle with the computers in their computerized world. Now, James is becoming an expert at taking credit for everything, and in particular the world market.

I've seen this movie online and it has an interesting background; it was done in 1992, but it looks like a remake of The Matrix with some additional plot elements. So, I thought I'd do a quick review and then give a rating of the movie.

This movie has an American variety, so it's special effects are less than stellar. A lot of the scenes were filmed in England, but when they edited it into the movie, there was a lot of people that they needed to put in. That's why some of the scenes feel a little bit fuzzy or unclear.

One of the problems that I noticed was the movie was over projected on one of the sets, making the scene look really bad; it looked like it was a hot screen problem that got caught up. But I'll take it for what it's worth.

Also, this movie was filmed for the series, but they weren't able to use the scenes. So, it can be considered to be a sequel to this movie, because some of the major characters from The Half of It appear in The Serie.

There's also some great acting from Anthony Hopkins, who steals the show in this movie. He is probably one of the best actors of his generation, and if you haven't seen him, you owe it to yourself to see his work.

The acting is great throughout the film, but Ido have a complaint about the film. There's a mistake in the editing process where a tree falls on a character's head, and there's no sound effect at all. It just cuts to black with nothing there to keep us guessing that the character is fine, or if he is, if he lives.

Overall, this is a great movie. I think that a lot of people will enjoy this, especially those who are fans of the series. Overall, The Half of It is a solid sci-fi flick, and one that deserves a positive review.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 104min

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