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The Grudge

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Directed by Kevin Smith, The Grudge is a horror-thriller that follows the exploits of the crew of the Seven Wonders as they try to find the final treasure of the legendary Captain Nemo. The movie follows their exploits as they are kidnapped by the evil King Krush who would have taken the treasure for himself, but he has been caught by Mr. Trembley (Mike Starr). Meanwhile, the group realizes that there's something more to King Krush than he is letting on and soon they discover the most important member of the crew, "Mr. Dog," played by Elmore Leonard.

Killer film, this movie had it all. Smith is known for his hilarious appearances and characters, but this movie has a more heart-breaking approach than most of his other work. The movie starts out with Elmore Leonard as a history professor teaching a class on pirates. Leonard then notices an interesting article in the class about Nemo (Steven Williams) and his mythical ship The Grudge.

This lead to a chance meeting between Ringwald (Steve Buscemi) and a female pirate named Nimitz (Roxanne McKee). Nimitz manages to stay hidden from King Krush's (Jeff Goldblum) eyes and he continues to be Mr. Frushley's (Ethan Hawke) assistant and bodyguard. King Krush becomes paranoid when Nimitz tried to hand him some money but she has already given him a lot more. He kidnaps Nimitz and pretends to be Nimitz, making her believe her friend is on his way to rescue her. Nimitz's boyfriend, Pappy (Vince Vaughn), thinks that she is being taken away because of some old-fashioned misunderstandings between her and Pappy.

While this movie's story has a lot of dark humor, the reason that it is still very enjoyable and entertaining is because of its characters. Leonard brings out the true side of most people, which only became apparent after a few years of working with him. He also has great chemistry with Elmore Leonard, who plays off each other well. Nimitz is by far one of the best portrayals of a secret admirer that you could possibly come across in a movie.

I loved the killer appearance of the crew that usually would have little to no screen time. After watching them for a while, I found myself rooting for them, just like a real good movie. Some of the other crew members are so well portrayed that it almost feels wrong to not root for them. The name, "The Seven Wonders" was a well-conceived choice since it really did sound so scary and grudge-worthy.

It's actually hard to find a bad thing about this movie. I feel like the film was made for children and teenagers, but the adults could still appreciate it. The Grudge is a great family movie. I especially liked how the movie starts out as a horror movie but then goes into more comedy-like pace.

I absolutely loved the movie, the series was great. I particularly liked the presence of the bear scenes that were integral to the theme of the movie. Since most of the movies I've seen so far were based on historical stories, I'm definitely interested in seeing the sequels. You can get The Grudge II online if you are so inclined.

A killer movie that will entertain for years to come. Elmore Leonard does a great job of portraying the famous character of Mr. Frushley. If you're into horror movies, The Grudge might be a good movie to see.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery

Duration: 93min

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