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The Father

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The Father is a divine title used in different religions, most notably in Christianity. In traditional riparian Christianity, God the father is considered to be the first person of the Trinity - the fathering of all the children made in the image of God. However, in more recent reformed trinarianism and fideism, the father is considered to be the founder of the human soul and not of the body, as in traditional trinitarianism. This article briefly explores the concept of the father in online Christianity.

The fathers in the bible verses do not bear the name of a personal father but instead have the title Father. The reason for this is that the Holy Spirit, which is believed to be the "one above" Father, revealed the order of the creation and placed the human father at the top of the order of the Trinity. Other verses also reveal the position of the father as the head of the family (the number of fathers preceding the wife is five).

The Bible also reveals the position of the heavenly father in the creation story. The father of the woman at the beginning of the creation story is also called the Lord. The position of the father also reveals his relationship with his wife. The father loves his wife but the wife in return loves her father. He is the one who gives the wife birth in the womb of her mother, he is the one who gives the child life in his womb, he is the one who brings the spirit of the dead bodies of his ancestors to his household, he is the one who saves his wife from death when she is stricken by death, he is the one who delivers his only begotten son and he is the one who participates on his son's progress towards perfection.

The Father is perfect example. Every man and woman born in this world are the offspring of the one perfect Father, Jesus Christ. Christ is the perfect example of what the father should be like. Christ is the father of humanity. God is perfect Father; therefore he alone deserves the honor and gratitude of all men.

The fathers are divine. God is omnipresent and the Bible clearly shows that he is the ruler over all things. No other God or entity can claim such divine titles. The Father loves his church. He loves his church because it is a house of God and because it exists for his glory.

The father is perfect in every way. The bible portrays him as perfect and we also can see this through the actions of our father. If we want to be blessed by our father we must act according to his example. Let your actions reflect that you love us and honor our fatherhood right now.

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Genres: Drama

Duration: 97min

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