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The Empty Man

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The Empty Man (aka. Arleas) is a World War II Italian horror film directed by Lucio Mazzarella and starring Mario Theissen. The movie starts with the story of inspector Prospero (Carlo Cecchi), who is sent to investigate the murder of a countess in Venice. While there he comes across an item that belongs to the countess, the so called "absurd creature". The object turns out to be the skull of the countess which had been cremated while she was killed by poison.

A week after the discovery of the body, the empty man (manned by the authorities) finds himself in a concentration camp, accused of being a German spy. The head of the camp is delighted when he learns that the only thing missing from the woman's house was her husband's skull. The Empty Man then sets about putting together a theory that the death of the woman must have been ordered by a high-level member of the SS. As he goes about his investigation he gathers a number of clues which help him narrow down and ultimately find the German agent he is looking for... Although he ultimately ends up falling under the influence of an alien creature which takes control of him and transforms him into a monster killing spree, which ends with the death of all except for the last five humans he rescues.

The movie starts with slow-mo sequences, as the camera tracks the actions of the agents as they go about their daily duties. In one scene we see them performing a routine task such as cleaning the classroom on a cold day in Italy. We then cut to a shot of them inside a warehouse full of machinery. Throughout the movie the mood seems to be dark and ominous as ominous music plays and eerie shots are interspersed with flames and smoke. The environment seems to be ominous and foreboding and the only light source is the occasional spark from an electrical transformer.

As the man we first meet progresses throughout the movie we learn more about the background of his circumstances. We learn that he was adopted at a very young age and that perhaps he has a genetic predisposition towards crime due to that. We also learn that he had a traumatic experience when he was brutally killed during a street fight. It is suggested that perhaps he escaped this life because he was brainwashed by some sort of entity, and the only way he knows how to get out of this place is to kill the men who took him in and kill them.

The man finally tracks down and kills his target, only to be trapped himself in the facility he is now in. The Empty Man is based on a classic novel by Arthur Miller, and also has great cinematography. The movie is full of intense fight scenes and it also contains an intense musical sequence, which is the score to the emotional climax of the movie. The visual elements of the film are so intense that they create an atmosphere that is highly charged and thrilling. The visual and sound elements are interwoven together so that the entire movie flows and moves at a fast pace.

The man finally makes his escape, but not before being severely beaten and left for dead. With his assailant near death, the man makes a decision that will change his life forever. The movie ends with a spectacular display of a firefight scene which leaves the villain dead and the hero - seemingly - escaped. The Empty Man is a very interesting movie that depicts one of the most riveting psychological thrillers of all time.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Horror

Duration: 137min

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