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The Croods: A New Age

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Watch The Croods: A New Age movie online, either on Bluray or DVD, and enjoy super high definition picture quality. The story of a group of prehistoric creatures who crash-land on earth and take over an uninhabited island is filled with intrigue. The cast includes Max Lewis, Tim Matheson, John Ritter, Emmannuel Chriqi, and voice artist Michael Chiklis. Directed by Michael Bay, The Croods was produced by DreamWorks Animation. The worldwide grossing film has taken home three Academy Awards including Best Picture.

The Croods is the second most successful online comedy movie behind Home Alone. This online streaming movie features one of the finest animated sequences ever put to animated film. The online streaming media is available in both standard definition and High Definition. If you have not seen the movie, it is highly recommended that you view the online version first. Viewers who have seen the movie are also able to rent or purchase The Croods: A New Age online.

One thing is for certain, the animation, which is done by DreamWorks Animation, is among the best ever. The computer generated imagery, picture quality, and overall appearance of this online movie is amazing. The online streaming media also features an original score composed by John Williams and is sung by Tim Matheson. It is quite possible that the dreamlike quality of this online film could have been the basis for the inspiration behind the new age concept of the "New Croods" which is in pre-production now. It is also possible that the movie is in fact the first of its kind to be taken completely in HD.

The movie itself is quite strange because it is set almost entirely in the future, and has something of a futuristic feel to it. In the future, humanity has created an oval-shaped island called Rokkaku that serves as the base for all of mankind's and nature's activities on Earth. One of the main characters in the movie is an elderly woman who lives on the Rokkaku Island. She plays a vital role in mankind's efforts to deal with and hopefully reverse the destructive decay that is taking place on the Rokkaku Island.

The Croods: A New Age is currently in pre-production and will most likely be shown on the big screen sometime in the very near future. It is possible that either Universal Pictures or Disney will own the movie rights, but it is more likely that either Fox or Disney will get the rights to produce this new epic. The Croods: A New Age character is named Miri, and she is played by Summer Glauberman, who was previously known for playing the voice of Mrs. Pluks in the animated children's series, The Powerpuff Girls. Some other minor Crood characters include Tailleur, who work as a veterinarian on the island and is the reason why Miri has trouble remembering things; Lenny, who work at the aquarium on Rokkaku; and Frylock, who work at the Galactic Gopher Lodge as a groundskeeper. These are the main players of the movie, but there are also other minor players as well, including a few other robots who help out the team, and a few other animals who are important to the plot as well.

As if this new age epic is not enough to draw in the kids, it would also make a nice feature film or two, and the first film in the new franchise will most likely star Anna Kournikova. The Croods: A New Age is set to debut in theaters very soon, so those who have been begging for a sequel for a long time now should keep their fingers crossed that The Croods: A New Age comes to theaters in the next few months. For more information about the movie and other current news, check out the Internet now. It's always good to catch up with what's going on in the world of animation nowadays. And if you want to learn more about animation in general, be sure to check out our Croods In motion section for all your future entertainment needs.

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