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The Craft: Legacy

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The Craft: Legacy is the sequel to the hit 1997 cult movie The Craft. The movie is virtually identical to its predecessor, though it does feature some fresh elements. In essence, The Craft: Legacy is an updated version of the classic witches' apprentice story.

The movie takes place twenty years after the events of the first film, The Craft: Rise of Witches. Now, the world has changed drastically, though not the supernatural aspect of the world. A number of wicked witch families run wild, and they are all hunting down young women - called witches - to be used in their own twisted ways. The Craft: Legacy tells the story of these witches and their quest to find their own rightful kings and establish a unified coven. The movie explores many interesting issues, including gender roles, prejudice, childhood traumas, and family dynamics.

The movie covers most of the same ground as the first movie, though there are a few differences, mainly in terms of time (the story is set several centuries ago, versus four years after the events of the first film). Additionally, the wicked families have discovered a mysterious, powerful artifact called the artifact box. With the help of some newly-found friends (and an older, wiser witch), these witches use the artifacts to delve into the past, learn the true meaning of their magical powers, and learn about each other's true nature. The whole plot involves the exploration of what magic can truly do, when you can use it, and why some people can wield it more powerfully than others.

The Craft: Legacy features an all-star cast, including Anna Camp, Kate Ashford, David Strathairn, Ian McShane, and Jennifer Saunders. These actors play the important supporting characters, the sisters Rosemary and Joanna, the evil witch Nica, the lost son tracker Damon, and the ever-growing stable of characters played by Camp, Ashford, and McShane. The movie opens with the murder of a member of the coven. With this link to the current circumstances surrounding The Craft: Legacy's main character, the filmmakers definitely knew they were onto something good. This leads into the present day, where the stakes are higher for the witches, and everyone involved.

What I like about The Craft: Legacy is how it doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but instead uses its premise to tell a good story. The plot, while not completely original, is fresh and very interesting, and the characters, especially Camp, are really drawn beautifully. I also enjoyed how the filmmakers answered some of the questions that had been left unanswered in the first movie, like who would possess the artifact box, what would happen if someone else possessing the box had a dark secret that they didn't know about, and why everyone but the witch had been forced out of the coven. There was also some new mythology that was introduced that I liked, like how Rosemary was revealed to be the mother of one of the future founders of the coven. These are only a few things that The Craft: Legacy couldn't live up to in comparison to the first movie.

The craft is an interesting idea and one that could lead to some really good stories in the future. However, The Craft: Legacy is a quality movie that just feel a bit uninspired compared to the other two installments of the franchise, but I'm willing to overlook that because it is a spiritual continuation of the first film and is much better suited to it. Between the amazing visual effects and the engaging storyline, I give The Craft: Legacy an average score because it just didn't do everything that could be done to make it a worthwhile follow up to The Craft: Bride of Frankenstein.

Average: 6.6 / 10 (1200 votes)
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Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Horror

Duration: 94min

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