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The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

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The Christmas Chronicles: Part II is the second part of the hugely popular The Christmas Chronicles: Atale of Witches and Warlocks book series. This movie is based on the book by C.S. Lewis. This book spawned four sequels, which have so far produced a total of eleven parts. So if you loved the first two installments, then you're in for a treat with the third installment.

In The Christmas Chronicles: Part I, Mufasa was thrown into a well-protected hut where she met a starved, sickly kitten that became her new best friend. She was soon taken to a snowy mountain, where she encountered the Prince of Dragonflies who taught her many things about life, love, and faith. However, he appeared again, this time in a dream, taken her to a land called the Everwood, where he taught her how to defeat dragons. After her death, he left her a magical egg, which she used to revive her kingdom.

The second part of the book revealed that dragons were real, and they roamed freely throughout the world. The kingdom was on a dangerous path toward civil war, and Mufasa was forced to lead her people into battle against their dragon rivals. However, her magical powers and her knowledge of the forces of good quickly turned the tide in her favor. Her mystical abilities were a key to her success, and she was able to rally her people and drive the dragon armies away.

The online story allows you to follow the story as it unfolds. As you read C.S. Lewis' words, you are transported to the perspective of the characters in the story. For readers who have never read the original The Christmas Chronicles, this is a great way to enjoy the story and the process of learning more about Lewis' characters. You will also discover an engaging storyline that you'll want to read over.

If you enjoy fantasy romance, then you will love The Christmas Chronicles: Part II. Lewis' charming writing style makes this book a joy to read. The illustrations are rich and full of whimsy, making them a delightful addition to the book. Part II of the Chronicles series offers even more excitement, as Abigail prepares for the next Christmas and deals with other characters.

When you purchase The Christmas Chronicles: Part I, you also purchased the first book in this series. This means you have the entire collection at your fingertips. You can start immediately after the first chapter and continue on from there. Lewis has written twelve books, so this is an investment in your favorite genre. If you enjoy mystery, fantasy, or the Crusades, you will enjoy this series. For children, this is the beginning of a series that will keep them entertained and happy for many years to come.

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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 112min

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