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Target Number One

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The Target Number One is a movie by Quentin Tarantino that is a tribute to Robert Altman, a famous Hollywood director who was famous for his movies that are considered cult classics. The movie was made in the year 1988 and was a huge success because of its unique story and cast. The main character is the main character of the movie, "Gus" who was a member of the Manson Family who was a group of crazy people who committed all sorts of murders. The story is about his rise to fame and also how he became the first person convicted of a double murder. The movie is also known for its music and the use of a lot of synthesizers.

One of the best things about the Target Number One is the way it was made using computer technology. The movie was made in the year 1988 and used the software called the Movie Maker that allowed the director and the actors to make their movies in the form of movies that are known today.

The second thing that the movie had was the use of the computer animation in the movie. The way it was made was by using a system called the "Flash". The Flash was very good at the time and was used by all the big studios to make movies. In this case, it was also used by Quentin Tarantino to make a movie that is known for its use of computer animation.

The third thing that the movie had was the use of music. The movie was made in the year 1988 and the music used in the movie was very famous because it was made by people who had some of the greatest musical talents in the world. This is the same reason that many people have made their careers out of music.

The fourth thing that the movie had is the use of special effects and computer programming in the movie. The use of computer programs and the computer animation is what is making the movie very popular. It was this type of technology that was being used by Quentin Tarantino to make the movie as successful as it was.

The movie also has some very good songs. The main song that is used is called "Django". Other songs that were used were "Django", "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"Django & Maggie".

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Genres: Crime , Thriller

Duration: 135min

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