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In a story line that's been making the rounds in the media lately, the spy creatures of the world have taken on new life. These are "Spy Creatures" that are being released in theaters across America as a sequel to James Bond's Goldfinger. The novelization of this film is set nearly thirty years after Goldfinger. This time around, the spies from England are working with a new enemy - the Chinese. Both Russian and Chinese spy agencies are working in tandem to find a high-tech piece of technology that will change the face of human society forever.

This movie is essentially the exact same plot as Goldfinger. Russia's Vasili Arkhipov (Valeri Kondrakhov) is trying to find out who stole a top secret document in the hopes of using it to blackmail the Chinese. He and his Russian spy buddies will need to work closely together to stop the threat from spreading to the entire planet. Their enemy will be an evil Dr. Evil (Jack Nicolai), who has an evil plan for taking over the world. He will also have two henchmen - Dr. Hector (Piotr Dabrowski) and Vasili's brother, Nikolai (Eduard Balinski).

Dr. Evil will also have one of the most devious henchmen ever seen in a James Bond film - Giselle (Diana Rigg). She will be a woman who possesses telekinetic abilities and has the ability to control insects and animals. She also has the power to manipulate metal.

Giselle will play a big role in Goldfinger, and it's interesting to note that she's not in the book either. Giselle will come back into the picture later on, and her presence will force Goldfinger to bring in other key players to the story, including Vasili and Nikolai. She will also cause major trouble for Vasili and Nikolai, and they will need to learn how to deal with her powers before the movie ends.

One interesting part about the plot of Goldfinger is that the Chinese will be very unhappy about their involvement. China is one of the biggest enemies of the United States. They were also the main source of the Cold War until recently. In this film, they will be working against China again in a bid to gain an upper hand on the US. They're also interested in taking over the world's resources for themselves.

Vasili and Nikolai are going to be forced into situations where they'll have to fight with Spy Creatures and Dr. Evil, but in order to beat them, they'll need to learn how to use their powers to their advantage. It's interesting to note that the evil Dr. Evil is more powerful than ever before in this film. He will be able to control and use other people like Giselle to attack the Russians and Chinese. There will also be a huge surprise ending. So you have to watch this one if you haven't yet.

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