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Spenser Confidential

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The Spenser, a mysterious mystery that is said to have caused the death of one of England's richest men, is made into a very successful movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jeremy Irons. For a lot of people, this movie was a rather bizarre treat, but others really took to it like a duck to water. The Spenser is a novel by Raymond Chandler with a number of references to James Bond. Even though the movie shares many similarities with the book, it does not use the same words or scenes, making it its own unique product.

This movie is made to be somewhat humorous, yet it has the guts to make you think in its plot. Many of the scenes were based on true events and other were taken from other books that were part of the mystery series. You do get to see a little bit of truth about what is really going on during the movie. All in all, this film's plot line is a real treat for fans of the novels.

This movie takes place in the world of the Spenser series, where there are more than 20 novels to choose from. The movie chronicles how Sherlock Holmes decides to look into a mysterious case and how he discovers the famous detective, John Keats, who he eventually names as his private partner. Their story is further told through letters written by Keats and by dialogue written by Cumberbatch. They often work together in solving cases, as well as communicating through encrypted messages. This movie depicts how their relationship works, as well as their numerous differences.

Keats' character is quite unlike the hero that is depicted in the novel. He is much more of a dandy and a romantic and even more laid back than his book counterpart. Both his character and his book are quite different from the other. The love interest of the book is portrayed differently in the movie, and even more so, his job description is different. One might even say that the two are two sides of the same coin.

The movie also deals with the issues of betrayal that are prevalent in the series. It depicts the differences between the detective and Keats. It shows the real reasons why Keats left the Metropolitan Police Force and why he decided to become an author. This movie is also a depiction of what happens when both Keats and Sherlock Holmes meet face to face, thus causing the first example of the famous back and forth banter that is shown in the series. Again, the movie depicts what the mystery stories are really about, without simply copying them.

The movie is meant to show that the two characters can come together, despite some differences. Most of the movies follow the adventures of Keats and Sherlock Holmes while acting as a companion piece to the book series. By taking this approach, the movie is able to show what happens when two different personalities and styles can come together to solve a mystery and to solve different problems. This is often what the Spenser novels are trying to show - that different people with different perspectives can come together to resolve a problem.

As a final point, the movie's plot does have its flaws. Through the basic story line of the movie is interesting, some of the scenes were more simplistic and did not have as much impact as they should have. These things could have been avoided if the author had tried to make the story a little bit more elaborate and involved.

For those who love the Spenser series, this movie is definitely worth watching. For those who have never read the books or have not yet heard of the books, this movie should be watched just to experience the characters and the story of this intriguing world. However, for those who love the mystery novels, this movie is very enjoyable, and it is well worth watching.

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Genres: Action , Comedy , Thriller

Duration: 110min

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