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Sleeping with Danger

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In the opening scenes of the movie "Sleeping with Danger", Kate (Tina Majorino) is busy getting ready for her honeymoon when her friend Patti (Carla Guggenheim) appears suddenly and takes off down the road in a stolen car. The two women lock eyes and with a gleam in her eye, she begins to speed away in the other direction. As Kate drives past a billboard that promotes "The Perfect Weekend," the memory of a previous vacation flashes in her mind and she decides to go there. Unfortunately, while she is enjoying a day of shopping in the mall with her mother and stepsisters, Patti gets into the store and starts harassing the other women in line. When Kate tries to stop her, Patti lunges at her and they both lock eyes.

As the movie progresses, we learn more about the dynamics of the relationship between Kate and Patti, especially as Kate and Patti become closer. Flight attendant Kate is tasking by her employer, Jack Shepherd (James Belushi), to go on a well-deserved vacation away from home. When she arrives at the Men's Central Station, however, she sees that the station is filled with suspicious-looking people - passengers who are all wearing identical suits that are covered in slogans such as "Mystery shopper" and "Security consultant." When Kate finally makes it to the front of the plane, she discovers that the entire plane is being used as a secret hideout for terrorists.

Forced to give up her dream vacation, Kate flees the scene and remains on the ground, scared stiff and confused about what she had just witnessed. Fearing that she has witnessed domestic violence in progress, she races across the parking lot toward a nearby police station. When she approaches the desk of a cop named Frank Petracci, she realizes that she has a crime on her hands - she is the victim of a brutal assault and murder committed by an employee of the Men's Central Station. However, when Kate realizes that she is indeed the victim in this case, she is dismayed that she could not have just simply called the police herself and followed protocol.

With the help of her friend Patti, Kate goes to the Men's Central Station and informs the authorities about her encounter with a dangerous man. Frank goes to his old job, but soon he realizes that he needs more than just a vacation to keep himself functioning properly. He begins searching for the person who brutalized Kate and sets about tracking down the elusive "Man with the Machine Eyes," whom he soon realizes is linked to the case with his friend Patti. Meanwhile, Kate's flight attendant duties are taken over by Patti, which upsets Kate. However, when Patti asks Kate if she can be a part of her new love affair, the two find themselves falling in love.

Although Sleeping with Danger exhibits a few weak storylines (mainly relating to international politics and Patti's mental instability), the movie overall is very funny. There is a clear message about domestic abuse that the movie picks up and delivers with ease. The movie isn't as heavy handed as it could have been, which allowed it to take on a lighter tone. It is refreshing to see an edgier version of domestic abuse depicted on the big screen, especially since more movies are being directed with a lighter tone.

Overall, Sleeping with Danger is a light-hearted romantic comedy that tells the story of a woman who must learn to turn herself around after she finds herself involved with another man's dangerous schemes. I don't think there is a lot of content that will get old for its fans or create a case for why they should watch the movie. With some funny elements and good one-liners, it is easy to make this movie a go-to watch with friends. There is no serious message presented throughout the movie, but it is entertaining to those who like a good comedy (and there are a lot of them). Fans of the film who are still feeling the effects of the conviction and subsequent anger after their relationship ended might also find this movie helpful in regaining their composure. Regardless of why you choose to watch Sleeping with Danger, you're guaranteed to be entertained.

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Genres: Thriller

Duration: 88min

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