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Shirley Temple was definitely one of America's greatest entertainers of the past century. The daughter of Jewish immigrants, she had her first stage performance as a young girl and quickly became one of the leading Broadway stars of her era. According to biographical information, the young actor first got her break on Broadway during the Great Depression in the age of only three years.

In the 1930s, she would go on to become one of America's best known and most popular actresses. She was an icon among her peers and was even made into a popular guest star on The Sopranos. During the war, she was a part of the Red Cross and went to the front to help with the war effort. After the war was over, she started to work on TV shows and movies.

While many people remember her for her role on The Sopranos, she was actually a great actress, writer, and producer. One of her greatest roles was on Broadway as the mother of the future Mrs. Walter Mitty. This is one of her most enduring roles as well. She wrote and produced many successful films as well, including one that featured the famous song "It's Such A Pity She Wasn't There."

Shirley began a strong career as both a singer and dancer, which she pursued for the rest of her life. She sang all sorts of songs, from ballads to gospel to romance, and she performed before huge crowds at many different venues. Her singing voice was noted for being quite distinctive.

Another thing that made her popular on Broadway was that she was an excellent singer, but she also had a daughter's musical tastes and loved playing music games and puzzles. She was a very big fan of music and would often get tickets for concerts of popular musicals that had been filmed.

As mentioned, Shirley was a great actress and writer. However, her greatest fame came from her role as Mrs. Walter Mitty on The Sopranos. This role will always be her crowning glory.

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Genres: Drama , Thriller

Duration: 107min

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