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Seriously Single

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"SERIOUS SINGLE" is an animated series in which the lead character, Serious Single, works as a receptionist at a prestigious and famous nightclub. The show follows his life from childhood to adulthood, but at the beginning of the show he was single. He is also an outcast amongst his friends because of his single status. His love interest is a female member of staff, Tiffany. She is the only other female in the workplace, yet she knows that it is better than being in the company of men.

SERIOUS SINGLE is a romantic comedy about his life. It shows a young man who is trying to be himself and does not have a single friend or a girlfriend. He goes through various problems and ups and downs during the show. The show also depicts his romantic life in the beginning where he is single, yet it is shown that he still has a girlfriend after graduating from college.

This is a different series than the usual romantic comedies. In this show, the main character, SERIOUS SINGLE is also the one trying to be different from the usual male characters. Unlike the usual romantic comedy, SERIOUS SINGLE takes on the idea that he is a man too. The show gives more insight into his life and helps us identify him as a man as well.

The series of SERIOUS SINGLE is the most recent creation of the animation studio, SERIOUS XILE. SERIOUS XILE was founded in 1990 and they are known for creating animation for all kinds of audiences such as children, sports, and animation. SERIOUS XILE's main studios are located in the U.K.

SERIOUS SINGLE was originally a TV show that aired in France. However, its animation style soon became popular and the show became popular in the USA and then in Japan. The show now has a huge worldwide fan base due to its unique plot, humor, and characters.

SERIOUS SINGLE is not only for teenagers. The show can also appeal to those who are in their twenties and thirties. It is also perfect for people who cannot be a part of a relationship because it helps them understand more about dating and relationships.

The main character of SERIOUS SINGLE is a serious XILE. SERIOUS XILE was once a football player who had the ambition of becoming a world famous football coach. But his goal was ruined when his girlfriend broke it off with him.

SERIOUS XILE then became a writer, artist, and eventually a cartoonist for SERIOUS XILE. This is why SERIOUS SINGLE is a very interesting show because of his growth as an artist and how he grew with his life. He also found love, friendship, and eventually a girlfriend in SERIOUS SEX. The story of SERIOUS SINGLE is a great romantic comedy for teenagers.

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Genres: Comedy

Duration: 107min

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