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Secret Society of Second Born Royals

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Queen Serenity is an ordinary girl from the royal family who finds herself in a life of adventure after becoming a member of a secret Society of Second Born, an organization of powerful sorcerers and witches that have been in existence for centuries. When Princess Aurora of Arendelle falls ill, her mother Queen Sophronia appoints Queen Serenity as her personal attendant and adviser. As Queen Serenity embarks on her most exciting journey of a lifetime, she must make a decision about her destiny and the future of her kingdom...

It's true that Queen Serenity is a traditionalist, but she doesn't see things in black and white. She believes that all the good people deserve a chance at happiness and a fairytale is just another form of a fairy tale. As Queen Serenity makes the difficult choices that need to be made in her quest to help her sister, Aurora, and the rest of the kingdom, her life is transformed in ways that only she can see. It is an experience that will change her forever.

Serenity isn't quite as lucky as Aurora, though. Although Queen Serenity believes herself to be the most powerful witch in the world, there are many obstacles in her path of destiny. For starters, she was forced by her mother to marry an undeserving man when she was a child. Queen Serenity's relationship with her stepmother caused a great deal of conflict between the two families, leading Queen Serenity to question the decisions she had made in the past. The result was a troubled childhood that caused her to doubt her own capacity to lead...

When Queen Serenity finds herself imprisoned in the palace of Arendelle's King, she discovers that there are some powerful forces working against her. When Princess Aurora falls ill, Serenity is faced with an impossible choice. Will she let her duties take over her life and ruin her love life, or will she find a way to live her life to its fullest? What will happen to her once she is freed from her imprisonment, and will she make the right decisions in her life in order to create the future she so desperately wants for her daughter?

Queen Serenity doesn't have all the answers. She has people who will fill her in, but she will have to trust them and trust in the wisdom of the knowledge that has been handed to her. If you like fantasy, this is a book you won't want to miss.

I'm giving this book a positive review because Queen of the Silver Crown is a well written and enjoyable read. There's nothing too fantastical or unbelievable in the story, but it has enough mystery and magic to keep me reading. Queen of the Silver Crown by Robin McKinley is a very entertaining read.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 97min

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