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Glee star Naya Rivera has been dominating the music scene for the past several seasons with her strong vocals, high energy performances, and undeniable charisma. In addition to her outstanding work on the show, Naya has had a successful solo career that includes the popular singles "Bad Things"Come Walk With Me." Her recent album, Love and Maturity, showcases her impressive vocal talent in a number of diverse songs. She recently received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Drama Series for her performance as Santana on the hit TV series. While Glee is Naya's biggest fan base, she has yet to receive an award for her acting skills in Glee, which leaves many fans disappointed.

When Naya first came out onto the scene as Santana on Glee, her music and performances were not what people expected. Glee called a hip-hop/R&B singer, but she had never performed in a traditional musical setting. To the surprise of many fans, she quickly established herself as a fierce vocalist who could be entertaining, engaging, and memorable when asked to perform. Glee featured Naya's music and talents in several songs throughout its run, but it never seemed to make a connection with the singer.

Fans have wondered why it was that Glee did not give Naya the chance to shine on the popular TV show. Although it is impossible to determine whether or not Glee knew about Naya's rap past before casting her, there is a good chance that Glee producers were aware of Naya's background, but they felt it would be too hard to integrate Naya's voice into the show due to its popularity. In other words, Naya never received the opportunity to become a hip hop/R&B star on television. This performance was one of Naya's biggest streaming tracks on StreamingSpot.

Naya's performance on the popular TV show is the type of performance that Glee is famous for, but Naya was not the only singer to receive an acting role. After Naya's appearance on the show, Glee's other popular singer, Jason Alexander, was signed by Sony Pictures Television to star in their own drama series. The Following.

Naya's character in The Following is a college girl who comes to L.A. from Texas to join a group of men that have made a name for themselves playing vampires. When she comes to L.A., Naya must deal with the trials and tribulations of this new career as well. as a new artist, a group of vampires, and a difficult man.

Like Glee, Santana received her own movie, and like Glee, The Following also featured a huge star studded cast and crew. Naya's character is an important part of the show's storyline, but her acting in the movie is not something that fans of the show are familiar with. However, fans that have seen the movie were quite excited by her performance.

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