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Rose Island

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The romantic island of Rose Island is depicted beautifully in the novel The Missing Pendulum by J. Wes Watson. It is based on the island of Jamaica, which is located on the east coast of America. In the novel, the author presents the beautiful scenery and serenity of the island while at the same time creating a scenario that depicts the challenges and adventures that its adventurous travelers must encounter. Watson successfully creates a scenario that is filled with mystery and suspense while at the same time providing the reader with an enjoyable read. He has succeeded in achieving this feat by creating a plot that revolves around a long-running mystery while at the same time developing characters that are appealing enough to keep the reader entertained throughout the duration of the novel.

The main character, Rose Island, is a real-life place that is located in Jamaica. It is a place where many tourists go to during their visit to Jamaica. Rose Island is known for its high cliffs and for its beautiful beaches that attract many people each year. The island was once a favored destination for young couples going on honeymoon, by those who were looking to explore a true story of romance and adventure while they were away from home. As the story begins, the narrator, Max, is asked to conduct an investigation on a murder that took place on the Rose Island.

While on the Rose Island, a man named Nelson Mendoza is found dead. Nelson had been staying on the rising coast with his cousin, Ignacio. When the police and the paramedics arrived on the scene, they discovered that the deceased had been suffocated to death due to the effect of an electrical shock.

Detectives, Robert and Helen Manley, were called in to help investigate the death. The Manley twins were able to find out that the deceased had been staying on the Italy's famous rose island, which had connections to organized crime. They learned that the murder had taken place due to a disagreement between two men, which happened when Ignacio had taken Ignacio and returned to Rose Island with him.

As the investigation continued, it became apparent that Rose Island had a darker past. Members of the criminal organization that controlled Rose Island had been using it as a place to meet and to communicate with their counterparts from the Republic of Ireland, who were based on the coast of south America. This information came to light when one of the investigating detectives, Josephine, discovered a message in the slipper of one of the suspects. It read, "you have seen the worst, come out and meet me in my office." The implication was that the man was in fact murdered by someone from the Republic of Ireland in order to prevent further harm to the island and its tourism industry. The message ended with a warning to other tourists to be careful when dealing with certain members of the criminal organization, which included Ignacio.

This True Story of Rose Island raises intriguing questions about tourism and organized crime in general. Is the island just a tourist attraction designed to attract tourists? Or could there be more to it than meets the eye? Could the real story of Rose Island be told by someone that did not live on the island? Perhaps if we put more effort into finding the truth about this story, we would find a unique example of a true story told through the eyes of a real person...a real island resident.

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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Drama

Duration: 120min

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