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Recently, a lot of media outlets have focused on Relic Entertainment's newest hit, "Top Gun." I'm sure you're familiar with the movie and enjoyed it, but for some reason you never consider the possibility that you may have been watching some sort of relic. Relics are old movies, TV shows, music videos, and more, that still hold as much significance as they did when they were released.

Like movies, TV shows, and music videos, some relics are simply older versions of the same piece of content. This is the case with Top Gun, which actually has more than one version. It was shot in four different time periods, and each era features its own specialties. So, which one is which?

The first version of the TV show is as close to its theatrical release as possible. Because the "complete" film only contains thirty minutes of video, the production team went back and edited each scene and remade it as if it were shot back-to-back. As well, the sound mix is almost entirely different, making the final product far more thrilling. In the original TV version, the pilots fly dangerously close to the ground, and there is no visual trickery or special effects. What makes the relic interesting is that it is not the film itself, but a partial version of the film that happens to be slightly different.

The second version of the film is actually part of the film. It is a nearly identical scene to the first version except for the fact that a new plane crash lands into the ocean while the jets race overhead. This scene was originally cut because it was thought that the audience would be too bored to watch the jets race the plane into the water.

The final version of the film was not shot in four time periods. Instead, the two competing pilots were forced to fly in different time periods to avoid having their jet fighters clash, and the timeline was then brought back together and repeated until the final scene. While this scene was not filmed specifically to be a relic, it is a fun relic to view if you happen to be bored in the middle of a film.

Let's look at another relic from the popular Top Gun movie. This one is titled "No Surrender." In this movie, Tom Cruise plays a pilot who takes a group of young guys to a foreign country where they must engage in a war game to prove they are the best military pilots. Cruise gets the opportunity to show off his fighting skills by defending himself against an attacker, and when he's knocked down and taken down by a stray bullet, he uses a relic to prove that he is the best.

The most recent version of this movie, which was actually shot a couple of years prior to the classic version, features a student named Matt Damon who lands a jet fighter that crashes into a river. He and the other guys rush to find a gun that will stop a war, and with a crystal ball and the relic, he eventually finds the gun and defeats the villain. This is a great relic to view because it was not intended to be part of the film itself, but it was meant to be a surprise that the movie featured Damon playing a relic.

Movies with these types of relics are most often only available on DVD, so for now we cannot watch the relic films that are housed on digital media. If you happen to be dying to see one of these relics, I'm sure you'd be happy to know that there are websites that offer you the opportunity to purchase the physical copies of these movies. Because of this, there is always the possibility that you'll get to see a movie you've always wanted to see at the earliest possible date.

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