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Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle

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Pokemon the Movie: The Last Battle was a direct sequel to the original Pokemon movie, Pokemon the First Movie. Pokemon the Movie: The Last Battle is a sequel to that movie and its story is continuing where it left off with the character Ash.

Ash and his friends decide to go to the Indigo League to compete in the Pokemon League Tournament. After they arrived, Ash and friends noticed a lot of changes. There were a lot of people that Ash knew from long ago, but they could not figure out who he was talking to.

Then after the battle, Ash and his friends noticed an old man running away from the fight and immediately assumed he was the Indigo League Champion. He does not look like the Ivysaur type champion that they saw earlier. Instead he looks like he belongs to the Grass type and is called Ivy. When Ash and his friends see her, they notice that she is missing a finger and Ash thinks she has been kidnapped.

Ivy turns up just as Ash and his friends are about to enter the Indigo League and she explains to them about the Pokemon League. She then battles Brock and defeats him in a battle of Pokemon. This ends up leading to Ash and his friends competing against her in a battle of their own. She loses, but the battle is a draw.

Next, Ash and his friends meet Ivy and she tells them about how she was a rival of Professor Oak's in the past. She states that he wanted to move on with his life, so he asked her to be his second-in-command.

So after this they then go to Professor Oak's laboratory to meet Ivy and get an explanation for why she is there. She explains that they can go back to their old life if they work together. They agree and so they form a group of Pokemon called the "Pokemon Dream Team" and are given a new mission.

Next, Ivy then gets kidnapped by the Elite Four who are looking for her because she is responsible for the Gym Leaders' deaths. Ash and his friends go to rescue her and he faces down the Elite Four. He wins and so he and his friends go on to get her back and end the war.

This movie is very similar to the previous movie, Pokemon the First Movie. As previously stated, the plot is the same, but there are some changes made here and there. Overall, Pokemon the Movie: Coco is another good Pokemon movie for the Pokemon series and I recommend it to any Pokemon fan.

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Genres: Adventure , Animation

Duration: 98min

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