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Pieces of a Woman

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The death of a loved one is a traumatizing experience for many, but there are those who choose to grieve anonymously because they don't want the pain and suffering to be shared. A heartbreaking homecoming wedding leaves a young woman grieving alone for the rest of her life, separated from her beloved husband and extended family by a huge chasm of loss. When a serial killer strikes in an isolated rural area in the middle of the night, only one girl stands a chance of surviving the tragedy. Utilizing the Internet to connect with others who have suffered in this way, she begins to trace the path of the killer and her victims, gathering possible clues to solve the crime and stopping it from happening again. As the name of the show suggests, Pieces of a Woman concentrates on the relationship between the young woman and the various people who cared so much about her.

This emotional rollercoaster doesn't hold back its criticism of the male population, either. One character says, "You see all these women mourning? And you wonder why more women don't write books about what they go through." In the end, the viewer can't help but feel sympathy for the woman who grieves while trying to navigate the dark waters of grief following a devastating loss.

With strong performances by Alyssa Milano and an ensemble of talented supporting actors, Pieces of a Woman does a great job of exploring female friendships in the context of a larger mystery. The relationship between the detective and the grieving wife is a powerful one to watch, especially when the wife's feelings for her dead husband are clearly shown. Pieces of a Woman has proven to be one of the most successful television dramas of recent years, and the writing and directing on the movie have both been nominated for awards at various awards ceremonies. Because of the movie's consistent excellence, it was inevitable that the show would receive such recognition.

The movie begins in Juneau, Alaska, where a middle-aged woman named Linda (Alyssa Milano) takes an interest in finding the remains of her late husband, Ken (James Russo) after discovering a body in the back yard. The body has no signs of life, and medical examiners determine that the death was caused by drowning. Relatives are told that the death was not unexpected, considering the poor state of the man's pond. When the pieces of the woman's husband are discovered in the pond, the investigation quickly reveals that the woman's death was not a suicide, as previously thought, but a murder.

As the pieces of the woman's body begin to come together, the realization that her death was not a suicide but a murder fuels shock and sorrow throughout the entire scene. Though details are slowly adding up, the killer is still on the loose. As news of the death spreads, people everywhere learn of the tragedy, including a bus passenger whose daughter has beenoevered into the path of the killer. With the help of a private investigator, and the advice of a book-ending character, a number of people start to uncover the answers to the puzzle that has so dramatically changed the lives of so many.

Although it may be difficult to connect the dots to accurately infer a motive, there is definitely some definite satisfaction in seeing the investigation unfolds and the pieces of the woman coming together. Watching as the various pieces of the puzzle fit together is satisfying in a sad way, similar to how it would be to put the pieces of a puzzle together if you truly want to know what is behind the jigsaw. Although it can be somewhat heavy-handed at times, the tone of the show, while dark, is still endearing. The Pieces of a Woman is based on the true story of a miscarriage, and the characters involved dealing with the same amount of guilt and regret as the people who see the miscarriage play out on their television screen. The sadness displayed on the faces of the people watching as the puzzle pieces fall into place, while watching the suspense and buildup builds, is enough to make anyone feel sympathy for the person who has lost their loved one. Grief and the tragic events that result from it, may seem overwhelming, but watching the puzzle slowly come together is extremely satisfying, and the series makes sure that viewers don't forget the importance of the grieving process, even if the actual grief-stricken reaction they witness takes a little bit of time.

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Genres: Drama

Duration: 127min

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