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Busan - the capital of South Korea and one of the country's most famous cities, holds the famous Penin mini movies. The city's pride is displayed with train to busan presents. Many people come to the show to take part in the warm entertainment. Aside from entertainment, the attraction of the film show is on display for tourists visiting the city.

The presentation makes use of lots of action in order to let the audience understand that the movie was a successful run. The scene is highly animated but is beautiful to look at. The scenes are of a place of business interspersed with vibrant highlights. Here is where the efforts of the artists were put to their best use.

The movie is made by a video production company. They have the talent to create movies like this one but it took them a lot of time to be able to make it appear as it did. However, what impressed most were the quality of the audio and video presentation.

In order to bring the plot of the film to life, the audience was introduced to a cast of characters in the series. In fact, all of the characters were highly animated with great attention to detail. It really looks like an actual story of the book.

Of course, the cast of characters were very well crafted in order to make sure that the audience was able to follow the story line. The character of Penin played by Shin Sang-hyeok was specifically created. He also had a distinct personality and was well developed.

The movie has a soundtrack composed of a variety of songs from the series. Each song was representative of the true meaning of the book. As you watch the movie, you will surely want to hear all of the songs at least three times.

The movie is really a worthy entrant in the mini series. It is set in a futuristic world where humans have been "abducted"prostituted." Things that take place in a human society is depicted on screen with a high level of detail.

The scenes where Penin struggles to resist his urges and progress with his career as a dancer were the most impressive parts of the show. His real story is told here in a convincing manner. That was what drew people in during the train to busan presents. The creative artists and animators must have spent a lot of time in the script.

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Genres: Action , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 116min

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