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Can you remember the movie called Originless? It was one of the most bizarre movies ever made and it spawned a series of imitations. Many movies have since attempted to address the question of origins, however none has been more ridiculous than Originless. The movie itself is a strangeball science fiction epic about aliens invading earth and setting up colonies on the moon and Mars.

In the movie we see an oddball alien who looks a lot like a lobster that stumbles across the village and ruins the dinner everyone is eating. One of the characters, a man who goes by the name of Lobscouse, makes a comment to his father that the fish he just killed was a lobscouse and that they were the first ever to be seen on earth. The implication is that because no one has seen any lobscouses before they came about, their evolution must be relatively recent and that all other loboscires on this planet are genetically inferior. This is completely wrong, as there have been many prehistoric creatures that lived long ago.

The movie was eventually pulled off of cable and the movie was not shown for twelve years, but it was re-released in 2020. There are several theories regarding the plot of the movie. Some suggest that it was a bi-product of the writers trying to find a scientific angle to support their premise of origin less. Others believe that the film was actually made to attract more audiences to their online website called Pooh-bah. Some time ago I noticed that a number of online links had been made pointing to a pooh-bah website with a link in the About Me section. I went ahead and checked this out myself and found that it was indeed another bogus site dedicated to the concept of a pooh-bah and its online creator David Michael Slater.

David Michael Slater is an unemployed British computer hacker and con artist who is the founder of the online fraud ring known as "The Pooh Party". Originally, from Stratford-upon-Avon, Slater left for the United Kingdom in 2020 to join an online con artist group called "Pokey Orange". He has been quoted as saying he joined the pooh-bah in 2020 posts and never left. Other followers of the pop culture theory believe this to be true.

At the time of this writing (January 2020) David Michael Slater has had a total of thirteen posts in the online forum entitled "Pokey Orange's Origin". The last post was in a discussion on December 29th, where he discussed the state of the internet and the difficulty of online business opportunities at the time. In one of his last posts he mentioned a website called "Originless". It is not clear whether he joined Originless or simply created the website. His main webpage has since been replaced by another. I was unable to find any references to Originless.

It is also not clear if David Michael Slater joined Originless as a member of the pop culture or simply created the website himself. In his 2020 posts he talked about the difficulty of working in the United Kingdom, which coincides with what many of us are experiencing in our own country right now. Also, it does not help that his picture features a man wearing a chequered shirt with a large scar on his neck. While some people have criticized the origin of Originless, others have supported it and said that it is meant to symbolize a country that is no longer existing, much like the British. If you would like to contribute to the discussion on this issue of Originless, feel free to leave a comment below.

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